Under the new order "On approval of the procedure of reception of citizens in educational institution" the school that you can give the baby needs to be geographically closest to your home. That's where we have to go and write the application for admission to the first class. Entry starts now with the first of March, this time prepare the necessary documents for the school.

To apply, collect a package of necessary documents. It includes: birth certificate of the child (and copy), parents ' passports with residence permit, health card of the child, a picture of little 3x4. In some cases, can ask for a certificate of registration of a child from the housing Department.

Pay special attention to the medical records. If the child attended kindergarten, you need to pick up the card, which will contain all completed experts and commissioned analyses. If the child was at home, contact your pediatrician. You will write directions on the necessary tests, and will also give the list of specialists who need to pass the inspection. All results will be entered into a special medical card that need to be in school.

The child must be a certificate that shows marked age vaccinations. If you wrote the application for refusal of vaccination, you must separately consult a pediatrician how to proceed in this case.

To send their children to school, according to the order of the Department of education, you can with 6.5 years. At the request of the parents of the child under the age of 6.5 years, it is also possible to give training. For this it is necessary to individually obtain permission from the Department of education of the Russian Federation. Note that the child must not have any medical contraindications.

The standard age for admission to 1st class believes a 6.5 – 7 years. Some children are sent to school after kindergarten, part – directly from the house. The absence in the biography of a child of preschool educational institution cannot be cause of denial of entry to first grade. Please note that under the new rules the testing for admission to secondary school should not be. If you agreed to it in advance, discuss with management that the results will not affect the decision to adopt a child in school. Official permission for such a test have only specialized lyceums and gymnasiums.