Advice 1: How to transfer the child to school with one city to another

Sometimes life is such that you want to put the child in a school in another city. The reasons for this decision may be a move, a conflict with classmates or teachers, different family circumstances. The procedure consists of several necessary steps.
How to transfer the child to school with one city to another
You need to obtain the consent of the administration of the schools to accept your child. If he lives in the new town, and the school is located at the place of residence, it shouldn't be a problem. But if the institution is not in your area, you may be denied because of lack of space. In this case, visit the district office of the Department of education and sign up for a turn. The second option is to rely on the responsiveness of the Director and offer to provide sponsorship.
If you want to transfer the child from usual school in the Lyceum or gymnasium, he offered to undergo testing to determine whether he will cope with the increasing workload. In such institutions increased the number of lessons and homework. The level and complexity of tests will depend on the age of the student and status of the new school. In elementary school the child will be offered a job interview with a psychologist and teacher. In middle school it can be tested in all school subjects. To get into senior classes may need to pass a real exam. In this case, can help the preparatory courses in the same school.
If you have passed these stages, and the new school can take your child, take the Secretary's certificate confirming this. If a private institution, you will sign a contract. With this certificate or the agreement please contact your old school and write at the Director's request to transfer to another school.
After the signing of the transfer order you are required to issue a private matter of the student, stamped by the school and signed by the Director and a medical card of the child. If you are translating in the middle of the school year, take more extract current estimates, is also certified. If the books were purchased by the school and take them to the library and get help about it. If the city where the child will live, is located in another area, you may need a new medical insurance policy.
Now with a set of documents go to the new school. The administration will issue a letter of acceptance your child. Then you can start visiting a new school.

Advice 2 : How to arrange child to school

The first of September many of the parents starts the marathon on the child in first grade. Many of the documents and information you need to prepare in advance. What you need to know the future first grader and his parents: rules of admission, required documents, a minimum level of knowledge of the future child.
How to arrange child to school
You will need
  • Documents required for admission to school:
  • - application of parents (written in the school in the prescribed form)
  • - copy of birth certificate of the child
  • - copy of health insurance policy
  • - copy of passport of one of parents
  • - medical certificate form 0-26/
  • - reference from place of residence(by the school)
The first of April begins an official admission of children to first grade. At the time of admission the child should not be less than 6.5 years and no more than 8 (another age agreed with the school administration on an individual basis).

You should be issued a medical card of the student,which must be included information about vaccinations carried out and the conclusion of the doctors that the child can learn in school.

The child must accept the school to which it is attached geographically by place of residence or registration. If you no need to contact the city Department of education and you will be given a referral to the school. In any other school the child may be taken only upon availability.
When you enroll in school a child needs to talk to the school psychologist to determine the degree of psychological readiness of the future child. In fact, the interview turns into a real entrance exam. The future first-grader before the school entry needs:

- know their name, patronymic, surname, date of birth;

- know the names of the parents;

- know the seasons, what time of year at the moment, its symptoms;

- to distinguish all colors;

- to know the simplest geometrical figures;

- to be able to sort the items by groups (dishes, vehicles, animals, etc.);

- count to 10 and back;

- make addition and subtraction within ten;

- write your name and surname in block letters;

- read the syllables.
What will be taught in school? - you will be surprised. The same thing, only in a more complex form and an accelerated pace. Today's reality is that the better a child is prepared for school, the faster and easier it will be a period of adaptation in the first grade. It will be easier to cope with educational stress. In some subjects it is always better to go a little ahead of the curve (e.g., foreign languages), so in the case of missing lessons through illness it was easier to catch up.
Useful advice
If the interview with the psychologist turns to the examination of the child is forced to read and write and the results decide whether the child to study in this school, complaints to the Department of education. This is a gross violation of the rights of the child, and usually after a call from "above" the school administration is reconsidering its decision. If Management education is silent, write to the Department of education, the answers always come from there, and the problems they solve.

Advice 3 : Reasons for transfer to another school

What are the reasons that cause parents to look for a new school to transfer your child? When this measure is necessary?
Reasons for transfer to another school
In Junior high, the child may behave as restless, constantly distracted, bothers, the other guys studying. The teacher cannot cope with the discipline, sometimes just do not have time to pay attention to each student as per the class of their about 30. This can cause to transfer a child to another school, where in classes of only 10-15 people. Children choose an individual approach, time to engage and monitor overall discipline and academic performance.
Your active child strives to develop and discover new opportunities and interests, wants to enjoy sports, art clubs, and your school does not offer any extracurricular activities. To carry a child after school around the city is exhausting and he quickly tired of such a rhythm. You can find a school that can satisfy all the needs of the child. The comprehensive development of children is of great importance.
An important aspect of the translation is unsuitable for the level of the curriculum. Too complicated or too weak. If subjects in school insufficient level of difficulty, the child becomes interested studying, because he can do more, there is a desire, a student in advanced classes, to study several foreign languages. Or, on the contrary, the child always lags behind the other kids, and feels like an outcast, perhaps more light training program will help the child to open up and feel more confident.
Mention should be made of conflict situations of different nature, is not amenable to solution, when you can not merely transfer to another class. Constant disagreements with the teacher, mutual dislike, may make the child's life at school unbearable. Also, the constant explanation of the relationship with their peers. You can find out the reason, to help the child cope with the pressure. But if lost all desire to learn and to attend school, the child is in constant despair, it is better to transfer to another school, where a new fresh team will dispel all the sorrow of your child, and depressions will not interfere with learning.
In high school there is an active preparation of children for entering educational institutions. There are schools that have more than deep and strong training program for admission to the UNIVERSITY.
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