Regulatory framework

The children in the school adjusts the Order of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation from February 15, 2012 N 107 According to this order, except the application for admission, parents of the child present the original and photocopy of birth certificate of the child, original and a photocopy of the certificate of registration of the child's place of residence on a fixed territory". Other documents of the educational institution to request not entitled to. In practice, schools still request a further medical certificate, but instead of the certificate of registration at the place of residence of many institutions is enough to provide the usual information on the composition of the family. Parents have the right to submit additional documents.

The proof of residence

Priority for admission to a particular school are those children who live in the district to which this school belongs. It is for this and need to confirm the child's place of residence. To do this, you should contact the regional passport office and obtain a certificate of registration at the place of residence or a certificate of family composition - practice shows that different schools have different requirements for the provision of these documents, so before you go to the passport office, it is necessary to clarify in school, what kind of document is required.

More difficult situation with those who rents an apartment, having residence in another place. If the child has a certificate of temporary registration (children registered in another city), then it is available. If not, then this case will fit a rental agreement, but to apply will have after the 1st of August, that is after the school will publish the number of vacant seats remaining after the set of children registered in the district.

Foreign nationals in addition to the certificate of temporary registration serves translated into Russian language and certified by a notary document confirming kinship (analogue of the Russian birth certificate) and a document confirming the right to stay in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Medical certificate

In fact, not help, and the map of the form № 026/u-2000, established by the order of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation dated 03.07.2000 N 241 If before school the child attended kindergarten, this document is already in kindergarten in the medical office staff nurses. In this case, parents need to clarify, does the kindergarten routine preschool physical examination of the child, and if it is carried out, the parents have nothing to worry about, at the end of the visits kindergarten map they give out. But often in kindergartens such inspections are not conducted (this applies mostly to commercial kindergartens). If so, then it is necessary for parents, writing a letter to the head of the kindergarten, pick up a card at the time of the medical examination and go with her to the clinic at the place of residence to the district pediatrician.

Parents of children who were not attending kindergarten, will have to purchase blank medical card in the prescribed form and together with him to go to the pediatrician.

Many commercial medical institutions provides services for the design of this medical card, which can be useful, for example, foreign nationals.