Advice 1: How to remove black eye

The appearance of a bruise on the face or body can deliver a lot of inconvenience, especially if the black eye is located in the outdoor area. To cope with this nuisance in a short time, if you use the recipes of traditional medicine.
How to remove black eye
You will need
  • - Ice;
  • - aloe;
  • - band-aid;
  • - concoctions;
  • - cabbage juice;
  • - wormwood;
  • - rosemary;
  • mother and stepmother.
It is recommended to start a fight with a bruise immediately after the injury, yet the skin does not have time to change their color color. Remove from the freezer the ice or a package of frozen meat, wrap in cloth and apply to the affected area. Hold cold for fifteen minutes, then take a short break and again apply ice to the bruised places. The cold causes blood vessels to shrink, reducing the size of bruising and pain. Next, cut the aloe leaf, wash it and cut it lengthwise, apply the pulp to the place of occurrence of the bruise and fix it with adhesive plaster.
Entanglement is a freshwater plant that resembles a sponge. It was successfully used in folk medicine to combat all sorts of bruises and hematomas. Mix a few teaspoons of the powder concoctions with a teaspoon of warm boiled water. The prepared slurry was put on the bruise and let it dry completely. Then rinse the skin with plenty of water. Ensure that fresh-water sponge was not hit on the mucous membrane of the eye (if the black eye), this can lead to a strong inflammatory process. To quickly get rid of a bruise, it is recommended to repeat this procedure at least four times a day.
Cabbage juice to cope with bruises and hematomas is not worse than other drugs. For this you will need one sheet of cabbage. Wash it under running water and mince, put the cabbage paste on the problematic area, leave on for twenty minutes, rinse with water at room temperature. Conduct such a procedure at least three times a day. The bruise will disappear within about three to four days.
Eliminate the black eye will help the fresh grass of wormwood. Put in a glass bowl one hundred grams of wormwood and RUB well the grass to juice. Fold the cheesecloth into several layers and moisten in the resulting juice, apply the poultice to the damaged tissues for one hour. After some time wash with cool water. This should be done at least three times a day. Then from the bruise in a short time will not remain and a trace.
Useful for treating bruises lotions decoction of rosemary and mother-and-stepmother. Mix one tablespoon of the herbs listed and place in an enamel bowl. Pour a glass of boiling water and put on medium heat, bring to a boil. After five minutes, remove cookware from heat and leave for two hours. Strain the broth through gauze and pour into a glass jar. Soak in it a cotton pad and apply to the injury site, leave for ten minutes. Recommended lotion every two hours. Typically, a bruise then passes on the third day.

Advice 2: How to remove black eye

To get rid of a black eye, i.e., a bruise, a hematoma, beneath the eye you can use of drugs and traditional medicine. And those and others it is available to all, easy to use and quite effective.
How to remove black eye


All pharmacies in the free market there are many medicinal ointments, creams and gels, promotes rapid resorption of bruises. The most effective of them are considered "first aid.", "Caffeine", "Black OFF", "Arnika". Before buying a vehicle, consult your physician or read the instruction manual. The fact that some creams and gels have ingredients that can cause irritation to the mucous membranes of the eyes (pepper, snake venom, camphor, alcohol, etc.). Please refrain from purchasing these funds, giving preference to others that do not contain hazardous substances, or use them with caution. Please note in the ointment, which is composed of rutin (vitamin P), heparin, or chestnut extract - they are the most effective in treating black eye.

Warm compress

Moisten a soft washcloth or a cotton pad in hot water, slightly wring out, apply to the bruise and quickly cover with plastic wrap, and on top – a warm scarf or a scarf. Keep the compress until is warm, then re-dampen the cloth in hot water and repeat the procedure. You can do it as many times as deemed necessary. The effect is caused by the skin coming into heat, which activates the blood flow, and this contributes to the rapid resorption of hematomas.

Oil rubbing

Accounting principle (accelerated circulation of the blood) lies in the treatment of bruising under the eye and using oil compresses. The most effective is the use of natural mustard oil, cold pressed (unrefined). However, in the absence of mustard can use any other. Soak in warmed oil on the tip of your finger, which you may wish to treat the affected area and simply RUB the bruise in a clockwise direction for 3-5 minutes. Much pressure, causing yourself pain, you should not. During the procedure, you should feel a slight pleasant warmth. After rubbing put on the sore spot with a polyethylene film and on top – a warm scarf. This compress can be left on overnight.


If the appearance of a black eye associated with the country or he obtained during his campaign, fishing, hunting, look around – it is possible that there are medicinal plants that are able to help you. In the country it can be cabbage leaves and potatoes, camping and fishing – plantain, mother and stepmother, burdock, etc. Just remember slightly the leaves to drain juice (a potato cut into thin slices), and attach to the sore spot. Can fix it with a bandage.

If possible, brew a strong tea and make gadgets, i.e. soak a cloth or handkerchief in welding and put it on the bruise. Biologically active substances contained in tea leaves, contribute to the rapid resorption of hematomas, and, moreover, relieve the pain.

The real stuff

Entanglement (or options) is sold in any drugstore and is inexpensive. Usually the powder is mixed with vegetable oil or warm water and applied directly on the affected area. The procedure is called sebagaimana and is considered one of the most effective in quick recovery from bruises. However, in the case of black eye is to hold it with extreme care, because the skin in this area is thin and sensitive, grains concoctions you can do more damage. In addition, the contact of powder to the mucous membrane of the eye is highly undesirable, since it may cause severe irritation or inflammation.
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