One of the most popular lines of business – trade. One million you can rent a small shop or mini-market, to issue the necessary permits and licenses and to buy goods. Selling food, on the one hand, more profitable than non-food items. And on the other more troublesome: the focus of the SES, separate licensing of certain categories of goods (tobacco, alcohol), damage and shrinkage of the product due to natural causes. Moreover, intense competition from large food supermarkets. Trade of inedible goods relatively less complicated, but the chance to fail it above.
One of the most promising options trading – opening an online store. One million will be enough to start serious business, or buy a ready-made. This option is advantageous in that the cost of rent and the salary of the sellers there. But you will need to pay for the services of specialized firms that create and promote websites.
For a million you can organize a small production of semi-finished products, foodstuffs, construction materials. The products that will be produced must be in demand in the market, to avoid problems with buyers. But the competition in the sphere of production should not be too sharp. The advantage of this business is the ease in obtaining various types of public guarantees, subsidies and incentives.
Another popular area is the provision of services. 1000000 you can open a car repair shop, car wash, Barber shop, or massage parlor, firm on the organization of holidays, canteen or cafe, brigade on repair of apartments and construction of country houses – everything, on what imaginations will suffice.
For those who wish to work alone, but has no professional knowledge in any field, a good option may be to buy a commercial vehicle. A million is enough for a medium-duty truck, minibus or taxi. Very often drivers taking a loan its first truck in a few years you can afford to hire a driver or buy another car.
For those who do not want too much time to spend on the business is recommended to invest a million in securities, real estate or in someone else's business. Investing in securities, one should imagine that it's for a financial instrument, not to pursue profit rationally allocate money between reliable and profitable assets. Investing in real estate is possible in regions where over a million to buy an apartment in the construction phase, and then resell it at a profit, or receive income from its rental.