A successful business career in various industries, he started with petty trading. This activity, if we correctly identify the needs of the residents of your town allows you to quickly return the invested funds, to profit, to expand the facility or move on to another, more promising type of activity. Browse the outlets located in your town. Network shops even in small towns. Of course, they satisfy most of the needs of the population, but you can find an unoccupied niche. Try to choose products that are constantly in need: cheaper than the hitters, food, lingerie, cosmetics, construction materials, etc.

If you have the opportunity to rent or buy the premises located next to busy road, train station or bus station, you can arrange a cafe or small restaurant. In such a place demand and services associated with transport – gas station, car wash, tire service, minor repairs of vehicles. A small workshop can be combined with a store selling related products.

In a small town can arrange business services. Let's see if you have enough hair salons, nail and massage salons, beauty salons. These services are needed constantly, so enterprising and energetic man is where to turn.

In the presence of nearby large-scale enterprise can organize related production, where the use of excess raw materials or waste from primary. For example, adjacent wood processing plant can successfully develop a small workshop for the manufacture of furniture or Souvenirs. Just in small towns there is usually a main enterprise. It can be not only the factories but also research institutes, so to organize a small high-tech industry will not be insurmountable problems. Small businesses in such conditions produce very interesting things, from Souvenirs with laser notch to medical isotopes. By the way, it is possible that we will be able to use the distribution channels already used the main enterprise.

You can try yourself in the culture or entertainment industry. People get married, celebrate anniversaries, arrange children's holidays. And to help them is a good animator or just an ordinary toastmaster. Scripts on all occasions written a lot, you just have to choose them and adapt to the conditions of your town. Swipe to begin the celebration of one of his friends. If it turns out well – way to the top is open. In small communities these services even doesn't need to, word travels fast, and people choose the party planner on the advice of friends.

If the city has interesting places that can attract tourists, nothing prevents to be engaged in the excursion business. Develop tours, interactive games, think, if there the necessary infrastructure, and get down to business. In many European countries this is a trendy type of small business.

Before you start a business, especially if it is associated with the production, contact the local authorities, the Department for the development of the consumer market. You may be able to participate in the regional programs of support of small business. These programs offer free training, concessional loans and much more. It is also useful to find out if your city, business incubators, where, at first, to the premises on preferential terms, and accounting and legal support.