To make a million, you have to really want it. So, to keep in mind on how to achieve the goal of getting rich.
Try to constantly generate new ideas, write business plans, plan your future actions. Better to get it all displayed on paper, so you don't forget things that came to mind. Maybe today can not make money, but tomorrow will be possible.
Carefully study the market you can withdraw your future products and services. Consider any proposals not enough, for example, in your city, and what business niche you can occupy. Maybe in your area only one Barber on a large number of the population, and maybe there is a demand for natural organic dairy products.
Read the literature on the earnings, business and attraction of money. To open a successful business where you can make a million, you need to study the theory: accounting, law. In addition, get acquainted with the experience of people who managed to get rich from scratch: Henry Ford, Oleg Tinkov, etc. Impressed by someone else's success, you will be more eager to go to the success.
Please reconsider your time and start spending it wisely. Stop the junk sitting in social networks and pointless socializing with friends, constantly complaining about life. Waste your time on achieving your goals - learn, search, write business plans.
Stay in touch with the right people. Almost all of us have friends, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs, advertising agents. Communicate with friends, they will be able to advise you on matters of business.
By opening their own business to make a million, consider the program of support of small business, as well as offers of banks. If you need start-up capital, do not rush into choosing a Bank, take a loan on the most favorable terms. Ideally, try to do own capital.
Calculate the possible profit and losses of your company. Be aware of the potential challenges, but be aware of that all of them can be resolved or circumvented. Prepare to be that to make a million, you need to work a lot, because a rolling stone gathers no moss. Don't be afraid to start believe in themselves and their victory, and then the result will not keep itself waiting.