Advice 1: How to make a million rubles

Make a million doesn't want unless someone who has already made a billion. The rest of humanity periodically wonders how to get a lot you will get. Some dream waiting for the gift of life, others do not believe in success, and still others are taking matters into their own hands and earn a million.
How to make a million rubles
To make a million, you have to really want it. So, to keep in mind on how to achieve the goal of getting rich.
Try to constantly generate new ideas, write business plans, plan your future actions. Better to get it all displayed on paper, so you don't forget things that came to mind. Maybe today can not make money, but tomorrow will be possible.
Carefully study the market you can withdraw your future products and services. Consider any proposals not enough, for example, in your city, and what business niche you can occupy. Maybe in your area only one Barber on a large number of the population, and maybe there is a demand for natural organic dairy products.
Read the literature on the earnings, business and attraction of money. To open a successful business where you can make a million, you need to study the theory: accounting, law. In addition, get acquainted with the experience of people who managed to get rich from scratch: Henry Ford, Oleg Tinkov, etc. Impressed by someone else's success, you will be more eager to go to the success.
Please reconsider your time and start spending it wisely. Stop the junk sitting in social networks and pointless socializing with friends, constantly complaining about life. Waste your time on achieving your goals - learn, search, write business plans.
Stay in touch with the right people. Almost all of us have friends, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs, advertising agents. Communicate with friends, they will be able to advise you on matters of business.
By opening their own business to make a million, consider the program of support of small business, as well as offers of banks. If you need start-up capital, do not rush into choosing a Bank, take a loan on the most favorable terms. Ideally, try to do own capital.
Calculate the possible profit and losses of your company. Be aware of the potential challenges, but be aware of that all of them can be resolved or circumvented. Prepare to be that to make a million, you need to work a lot, because a rolling stone gathers no moss. Don't be afraid to start believe in themselves and their victory, and then the result will not keep itself waiting.

Advice 2 : How to earn over a million a year

Often dealing with complex issues lies in a new look at familiar things. Material and financial issues of concern to many. In fact the desire to earn for the year million, is not surprising and impossible. The main thing – to set a goal.
How to earn over a million a year
Since all people have different starting conditions to approach the issue of earnings is necessary with a neutral mathematical side. To earn for the year million, we must earn about 83 000 rubles per month. In General the figure is not the smallest but not the biggest. However, in large cities such salary will not surprise anyone. And many entrepreneurs of medium and even small arms in the regions earn less. So, looking around, you can find a million"fuck you" among his friends or friends of your friends. If you have the opportunity, try to talk to them. Perhaps they will tell you how he started his path and gives several useful tips that will bring you closer to your goal.
Try to ground the figures. Divide them into days or weeks. Because each person has their own projects, make yourself a customized financial plan. For example, to earn 83 000 per month, you need every day to approximately 3 800 rubles (if you are working 22 days per month). A similar plan can be developed if your work schedule allows it. Having the plan is much easier to believe in themselves and the opportunity to earn for the year million. It should definitely outline certain activities that you should implement.
Choosing what should be given attention and what did not, assess which of your projects, business, earnings can bring you the required amount to earn in a year a million. Courses on personal time management to assure that the well-known Pareto principle applies in finances. Recall that in the translation into language of economic efficiency, it is: 80% of income is earned by 20% of your business. Try to determine what activities are more effective for income received. The following is obvious: minimize inefficient work and find opportunities to engage in high performance activities. And then your goal will be achieved.

Advice 3 : How to make money on the stock exchange

Earnings in the Internet have long been interested in people who want to get money from the comfort of home and not to spend on the process of earning a lot of effort and time. One of the most common ways of network earnings is a game on stock exchange. Performing online trading operations, you can increase your capital and to start to earn, you first need to become a client of any brokerage company, after analyzing the scope of its activities and its reputation.
How to make money on the stock exchange
When you find the right company, open an account with a broker. From this point you can start trading provided by the broker site. The mechanism of conducting transactions on the exchange is simple – investors put money in stocks, quotes, grow, and investors get the profit.
Traders in turn use leverage to trade a larger amount than the amount that he has in reality. The amount of leverage you need to find out individually from your broker.
Try to start working on the stock exchange as a loan, taking a stake sold by the trader. The value of the shares you subsequently give to the broker, and profit take. You can also buy shares worth $ 100, and then take the broker another $ 100. If the stock price rises, you will get double profit.
Investing large amounts, you risk losing money, so never buy shares of the same company. This is necessary in order to spread risk and reduce its likelihood.
Buy stocks of different companies – in this case, the profit may exceed the losses. Also, always check the securities in the liquidity that the transaction was productive. Purchase securities with high liquidity.
Study time stock exchanges and other nuances of the trading and transactions, as well as take a course of free training for work at the stock exchange, which usually offers every beginner trader, and constant practice.
Without practice and training, you run the risk of losing on exchange a lot of money, but you can earn large sums of money – in that case you will gain specialized knowledge that will help you successfully trade on a real account. Early in his trading activities practice on demo account which is provided by many companies, for example Forex.
If you decide to automate trading, setting a vending machine on a computer, it is recommended to write these machines independently. Installing alien vending machine, you risk losing a lot of money. Your machine should consider your tactics of earnings you want to produce in the learning process.

Advice 4 : How to earn million without investment

Million – quite a large sum, and to obtain it you will need to work strongly, and perhaps, more than one year. Of course, if a person swings at a lot of money and it is not going to invest in this business, it looks crazy or is a bandit. That's just not many people know that most of today's millionaires, almost did not put its money, and some started without any investment.
How to earn million without investment
You will need
  • Original idea, computers, Internet, assistants.
The main difference between the lazy, but rich people from hard-working, intelligent, but forever the poor – the ability to generate ideas. All known history is the accumulation of large capitals began with an original thought. And brilliant thoughts will come upon people again and again, that's only if someone the idea falls as snow on the head in the form of a gift from heaven, others generate ideas, pre-analyzing the situation.
First, find a fresh niche in which to work and to firmly take its place. For example, see the Internet, namely social networks. For hundreds of thousands of people every day on the Internet begins with the opening of your page "Vkontakte", and for many there ends. While the social network at the peak of its popularity, you need to have time to earn your million. Application service of "Vkontakte" has become a huge platform for the realization of their ideas, projects and, of course, earnings. For example, a well-known application for "Vkontakte" "the Happy farmer" brings developers about $20 000 000 a year. Of course, a variety of popular games such as poker and chess, was created in the beginning, having to take their place under the sun. But there is a huge variety of interesting games and services that have not been implemented, but will be popular with a large number of users.
When an idea is found, start looking for people. Of course, if you own flash-animation, object-oriented programming and "Vkontakte API", then run your offer on their own. In reverse, the most likely case you will have to find an artist, programmer and sponsor. So how to make you going without attachments, explain the experts of the genius of their ideas and sign all the prospects. Well, if you can find one sponsor-a partner who will pay for the work of specialists and is, for example, over 40 % of the revenue from the app, because sharing the earnings of 3-4 people will come out quite expensive.
Unroll his creation, and otherwise conquer the love of users, as their number is directly proportional to your income.
This method will bring much more than a million, whether in rubles or in dollars. But it was written only as example. Remember, success is just waiting for the creators of unique and original ideas, not those who repeats everything I read in the Internet.
Useful advice
When you look for partners, don't disclose all the secrets of his project. It is quite possible that some programmer will deny you today in writing of the registration form, and tomorrow will launch your thoughts into the light. Mark Zuckerberg, by the way, has launched its hit FaceBook.
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