One of the most reliable investments, million rubles through the purchase of property. This amount is enough to buy a land plot of six acres in the region and built inexpensive houses made of foam concrete. Of course, you can argue about the prestige of such property, but in this house you can live; it can also be put up for sale and earn good money.
Put a million rubles to the Deposit account in the Bank. An attractive benefit is the opportunity to keep money on Deposit, at the same time living on the interest. The deposits with monthly payment of profits (without capitalization) in Russia bring an average of 10% per annum. This means that from one million rubles you will get a 100000 income in a year and if divided by 12 months - 8300 rubles. Money is small, of course, but they can rent a simple apartment with no frills in Thailand.
To invest one million rubles in shares is risky. At the same time, the stock market promises good profits to investors. You can find the best solution in this situation is to find a broker that will conduct transactions on the stock exchange on your behalf. One million roubles is a sufficient sum for the increased interest of bankers. Profits per month could range from two to ten percent. Translated into the language of cash - from 20,000 to 100,000 rubles.
Creating your own business with this start-up capital is not only possible, but desirable. The main thing - to find a suitable business idea, assemble a team of talented and experienced artists and to act. If you find a good sales Manager, who has already shown their talent in previous projects, your business will be ready to succeed. And you profit.