Recently, the Russian enterprise is rapidly gaining momentum. Experts believe that the greatest profits are able to bring trade through the Internet. This market has a very dynamic development. As noted by analysts MMCIS Index TOP 20, its annual growth will reach 10% until 2020. In addition, it became known that currently the number of people involved in a similar case, has about 184000 citizens.
In second place on profitability restaurateur business. It is known that rich people in Russia is becoming more and more, therefore, the higher a person's income, the larger the amount he is willing to spend daily on your diet. If you want to get a good income from the business, open a cozy cafe with a pleasant atmosphere, delicious and quality food. Install on all products low prices. This will allow to attract huge number of customers. Especially popular now enjoys organic food.
Another profitable idea for a business is to open their own portal with content. This sector is developing at breakneck speed, so by the end of 2015, it will spin large amount of money is about $72.000.000.
The creation of games for mobile phones, tablets and other devices also can bring you great benefits. As example is known to many fans of mini-games Angry Birds, which is spun from scratch and now brings its creators millions.
In recent times it has become fashionable to have exclusive Pets, the care of which is very expensive. That is why the services provided to these Pets can bring a nice and stable income to budding entrepreneurs.
Apartments are always in demand. Therefore, in sixth place in the ranking of most profitable industries is doing repair and construction. However, in order to have competitiveness, you need to offer customers quality services at affordable prices.
In addition, relevant and profitable options business is environmental consulting, IT consulting, and the sale and installation of air conditioners. These industries are rapidly evolving and constantly bringing entrepreneurs a huge cash profit.