You will need
  • Barn, animals, seeds, bath
Give ads in Newspapers and on popular sites about animals. If the number of animals would be great, build spacious enclosures for their content. You will bring the animals at the agreed time and for a certain amount.
Build warm sheds on the site. Get several pieces of different animals: chickens, geese, rabbits. If finances and space allow, you can buy larger animals – sheep, goats, pigs, cows. Breed animals. And when they grow up, sell wholesale or retail, depending on how many you will have.
Clear the plot of debris and grass, form the beds (they should be a lot). Since the first days of spring, grow fruits, vegetables, greens, berries. To sell their products to individuals or wholesale firms. Fast growing and virtually unpretentious dill, leaf lettuce, Bush berries (gooseberries, currants), some fruits (apples, pears).
Make a big ditch filled with water. Buy seeds, bulbs or growths of algae (they multiply). Algae grow very quickly. After some time, agree with any pet store, give them the goods on realisation.
Arrange the flower garden near the house. Grow and sell not only flowers but also their stems, bulbs, seeds.
If you have vacant rooms, make the hotel. Place ads in Newspapers, display ads (even if written by hand) close to all stations, place ads in sections on different websites on the Internet. Place people for a fixed fee.
Build a bath. Place in various places of the announcement of the discovery. Bath needs to accommodate a large number of people. Don't forget to buy everything you need for washing in the bath – whisks, pots, towels. Better if it will be included in the cost of service.