Use the lag of your town from big cities. You probably have no need of shops, services, cafes, restaurants. Think about what you need for your city. It is easier to choose a business idea that will work in a small townthan in the metropolis.
Make a business plan for your potential enterprise and calculate costs. Well, if you have funds that you can invest in the business. If they are not, or not enough, then you will either have to look for an investor, or thinking about a less expensive business.
To find investors you need a competently prepared business plan. The main emphasis in compiling the report will need to be done on the need of your future business in your city and for his quick return. Directly the investor can be led through friends, the Internet, forums for aspiring entrepreneurs (they are usually held in large cities, but investors there may find anyone).
After you have compiled a business plan and got the necessary tools, begin to act. The sooner you start working, the sooner you will pay off your business and the sooner you will be able to earn. To do this, first register at local tax office as an individual entrepreneur, as the business must be registered.
Start an advertising campaign. The specificity of small towns is that large-scale and costly advertising campaigns is not required, because information spreads quickly. However, you will need to install a colorful sign on the site of your prospective company, talking about its imminent opening, as well as to advertise in local media.
Rent the necessary premises and hire employees. The first is to limit their minimum quantity in order not to pay wages to those who do not loaded. Also think about renting equipment and furniture, because it is cheaper than buying it. Cost reduction at the initial stage of business creation will help you quickly capitalize on it.