The notion of small business involves the development of the organization, which has a small staff ( 1 to 5 employees) and small momentum. That is, the business with which to cope alone or with the assistance of a small number of employees. Often, opening a small business becomes more preferable because it does not require large-scale investments at the opening. But the profit such an enterprise would not give much.

What is the direction for business to choose?

When it comes to choosing the direction for opening a small business, you should choose those options that not only require large one-off investment, but also those in which understands the specifics of the founder of the business. Among the options you can allocate the following directions:

- mediation;
- needlework and Handicrafts (soap-making, repair of machinery or electronics);
- remote business;
- taxi and other.

Man has special knowledge and skills, skillfully using which it is possible to open a business. Someone is making the first steps to opening the diner will be cooking Lunches for workers at factories nearby. Can successfully will sell baked goods or canned salads and berries.

For men, these cases can be a repair shop (repair of electronics, repair of household appliances, repair of vehicles). In addition, you can perform a decorative work made of wood or metal at home. Exclusive articles will cost more punching, but also to attract the attention of fans stand out. Here it is worth to mention the custom knitting, embroidery, sewing (clothes, curtains, etc.).

When the market is full of similar goods, the possession of such skills will enable you to open first a small firm, which subsequently will be eligible for restructuring in a more serious business - workshop on tailoring at the Atelier, cooking meals in a restaurant or cafe, a small firm on the organization of leisure in Kul'turno-dosugovyy Tsentr.

These options practically does not require special attachment at the start because this business is based on the existing knowledge and available scrap materials. Almost do not need investment to start a remote business here need more creativity and knowledge of technology and the organization of sites, the ability to capture the attention of potential remote clients, the ability to keep the balance between risk and a guarantee of reliability.

How to grow your business without a large investment?

Any business can't develop by itself, it must be "nurture". Proper management of the firm will give its fruit in the form of increasing customer base and growing profits. Should be given a lot of time that I learned about the company people not only from the inner circle. It is important to engage reputation a small company to appreciate the positive reviews, to ensure that customers are, for the most part, happy. You should also expand your company, follow competitors, to improve the quality and be sure to monitor all processes of the company.

Advertising company requires investment, but you can do a little blood to draw the virtual resources can be almost free, you can print ads or handing out leaflets. You should also come up with a recognizable company logo and print, though not expensive, business cards. If the company is right to teach, these costs will pay off very quickly, rather than saving for a presentable and create the wrong impression among the customers.