You will need
  • The desire to earn money.
Among the many ways of earnings will always be the one that like best. Work on the securities exchange is quite profitable and does not require large investments. However, gambling people thoughtlessly leave all their possessions to pay off debts. Before you start to work with securities, you need to read a lot of training literature, to train and only then try. Very quickly becomes clear that the correct path is selected.
Network marketing is more suitable for energetic and outgoing people. Method of such earnings has many advantages: the absence of a supervisor, independently established order of the day, minimal investment. Income will depend on the time spent on the job.
To open small businesses can and without large attachments. Register of emergency without formation of the legal person, rent a small room for a shop or place in the market and work quietly. But, the competition is fierce, so product to sell and demand to buy it in bulk, otherwise the difference between the cost of purchase and sale not to be missed at all costs.
Each person has a hobby. Why not try to make it? Maybe it's sewing, painting on wood, knitting, or even breeding of indoor plants. For any product there is a buyer, he just needs to find. For this there is online free notice boards. Should be a picture and describe your product, put on website, contact details and wait for a buyer. You can also arrange to leave your products on consignment in the market, it would be only a desire.
Men who have experience with plumbing, perform minor repairs around the house, enough to buy a set of required tools and to post announcements about the provision of its services in the area. Wish the story a bookshelf or clean the pipe. And if the work is done efficiently, and recommend to their neighbors.
Do not despair if something does not immediately work, all comes with experience.