Since all people have different starting conditions to approach the issue of earnings is necessary with a neutral mathematical side. To earn for the year million, we must earn about 83 000 rubles per month. In General the figure is not the smallest but not the biggest. However, in large cities such salary will not surprise anyone. And many entrepreneurs of medium and even small arms in the regions earn less. So, looking around, you can find a million"fuck you" among his friends or friends of your friends. If you have the opportunity, try to talk to them. Perhaps they will tell you how he started his path and gives several useful tips that will bring you closer to your goal.
Try to ground the figures. Divide them into days or weeks. Because each person has their own projects, make yourself a customized financial plan. For example, to earn 83 000 per month, you need every day to approximately 3 800 rubles (if you are working 22 days per month). A similar plan can be developed if your work schedule allows it. Having the plan is much easier to believe in themselves and the opportunity to earn for the year million. It should definitely outline certain activities that you should implement.
Choosing what should be given attention and what did not, assess which of your projects, business, earnings can bring you the required amount to earn in a year a million. Courses on personal time management to assure that the well-known Pareto principle applies in finances. Recall that in the translation into language of economic efficiency, it is: 80% of income is earned by 20% of your business. Try to determine what activities are more effective for income received. The following is obvious: minimize inefficient work and find opportunities to engage in high performance activities. And then your goal will be achieved.