You will need
  • - fabric for skirt;
  • - knitted fabric or unwanted t-shirt;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - elastic band;
  • - scissors;
  • - thread, needle.
Skirt for pregnant woman to knit the yoke is very comfortable to wear. It does not restrict movement, allows the skin of the tummy to breathe. If you don't have suitable fabric, then fit regular t-shirt. Attach her to him, turning "upside down". Measure the width of the t-shirt you want to cut about 15 centimeters. This – Flirty skirt. If the shirt is thin, fold it in half.
This part of the product may be rectangular. If you want, make it slightly raised on the sides. To do this, draw the bottom of the yoke wavy line. It starts in the middle of the front and smoothly, in the form of a wave rising to the right and left side. On the back yoke this line draw exactly the same, and then cut the yoke on the markup.
To measure the hips. If you want to sew a straight skirt, then add to this figure the 3 cm free customized fit. A lover of lush products let will end up in 20-40 cm
The resulting figure is the width of the fabric skirt. Length measure from the place where it ends, yoke, knee-length or above/below it. Move the numbers on the fabric, cut it into the shape of a rectangle. For skirts, take the thin fabric.
Stitch the canvas in half. The seam will be behind. Lay several folds on the upper part of the main cloth of the skirt. Sew it to knit the yoke. Tuck the top of the product 3 centimeters. Will attrocity zone. Pull it through the hole in the rubber. Hem the bottom of the product. Skirt yoke for pregnant ready.
If you want to knit a lush summer skirt, do it on the gum. Take a light cloth, the width of which is 1.5-2 times the amount of your hips. The first digit is more suitable for plump ladies, the other for slim. Length one that suits you. Measure out on the fabric the measurements, cut out the rectangle, leaving one centimeter of seam allowance at the side seams, 3 on the ACC top and bottom.
Sew the canvas, bend the top, attrocity. Insert the elastic and hem by hand hem.
The wrap skirt can be worn throughout pregnancy, adjusting the width of the skirt as you increase the tummy. Attach to their cloth. If tummy is big, you in the last months of pregnancy, it is sufficient to add 15-20 for the smell. If you sew a skirt that can "grow" and it is still small, then add on 20-30 cm
The resulting figure is the width of the fabric skirt. Length do what I wish. Hem the 2 smaller pieces of the rectangle. The stitches on the right and left odor skirt. Hem the top and bottom of the product. Zip up this skirt with sturdy snaps, Velcro or hooks. If you wish to sew on buttons, then on the other hand attach overhead loop and snap buttons on them.