Who are the Governor and the mayor

Since the state system of Russia – Federation, this means that, as a state, it consists of actors. The subject of the Federation – part of the state, whether Autonomous Republic or Autonomous oblast in the Russian Federation, Krai or oblast. All these administrative units have equal rights and are state agencies, performing within its borders state functions.

In article 18, section 6 of the Federal law "On General principles of organization of legislative (representative) and Executive state authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation" says that the subject of the Russian Federation shall have the right to set the name of the post senior officials, taking into account historical, national and other traditions. This name should be reflected in the Charter of the Federation. Historically, administrative units of the Russian Empire was a province, therefore, developing their statutes, the Executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation decided that the highest official of the public authority will naimenovaniya Governor.

Settlements located on the territory of the Federation have the status of settlement and are not public authorities. In accordance with the 3rd and the 12th article of the Constitution, the power of the media – the people of Russia their powers can realize by election authorities. By analogy with foreign elected officials, heads of local authorities, it was decided to call the mayor. Although in recent years many local authorities have introduced changes to their statutes and official documents are now referred to as mayors, heads of municipalities.

The mayor, the Governor and the mayor

In addition to the above subjects of the Russian Federation, among them it was decided to include also two cities of Federal importance – it is the former and the present capital of Russia Saint Petersburg and Moscow. In the period of the parade of sovereignties charters of those entities senior officials of these cities was given the official name "the mayor", but later the decision of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, this position was renamed the "Governor". It turns out that Moscow, as the subject of the Federation, is headed by the mayor, and St. Petersburg Governor. But, if we follow the historical tradition in Russia of head of the Metropolitan authorities were called "governors".