On the portal rosreestr.ru you can book an appointment in the correct Department of the Federal service for state registration, disaster and cartography. This requires from the home page of portal go to the offices and reception rooms and there to find via the search box desired branch where you will be able to submit documents for state registration.

If the list next to the unit icon of the provisional appointment, it means recording is possible by clicking on the icon, you will see a table that you will need to fill. After filling in this table and the introduction of the text from the image should go to the tab "show schedule".

You will then be asked to choose your preferred date and time and make the necessary remaining data. When you click "save" on the screen otobrazhatsya card with included data and time of admission. You will be prompted to print this coupon to provide it at check-in.

If you have at the moment no possibility to do it on the specified e-mail will be sent the link to this coupon. Better still print this coupon and have it for admission to the registered body. And yet, come the previously assigned time, it makes no sense, as booked before, you will not be able to take.