Advice 1: How to tone down (or add) on the laptop

Modern laptops are equipped with built-in speakers that allow you to watch movies and listen to music without connecting additional devices. Some novice users who have just purchased a laptop may face such problems: quiet or too loud sound, and complete lack of it. The solution is quite simple, but for beginners it can be difficult.
How to tone down (or add) on the laptop
To adjust the volume on the laptop, using the speaker icon in the system tray. It is in the lower right corner of the screen. After clicking on the loudspeaker icon with the left mouse button displays the slider, which is moving up or down, respectively, add or subtract the sound on the laptop.
Turn down the sound using the keyboard using the function keys. First of all, you need to find the button other special keys are located usually in the top row, they are marked with the same color as the button . We need a key with a picture of the speakers. Simultaneous pressing of buttons these keys will allow you to subtract, add or switch off the sound on the laptop. You should pay attention to the fact that the arrangement of functional keys on different models of laptops can vary greatly, but they usually are highlighted and have a special designation.
While watching movies or listening to music, the audio on the laptop can subtract in the player. To do this, just move the mouse cursor to the speaker icon, click it with the left mouse button. The appeared moving the slider, you can adjust the sound to your liking.
To adjust the sound on the laptop also with Windows. To do this, go to the main menu "start" and find the tab "control Panel", clicking on which, a window will appear that contains all elements to customize the settings of your computer. We are interested in "Hardware and sound". After pressing the left mouse button on this tab will open the Sound window, select "Speakers and headphones", it can be called simply "Dynamics". After clicking on it right mouse button opens a context menu where you should select "Properties". A window will open with the same name by changing the parameters which you can adjust the sound of the laptop.
The same window can be opened if you right click on the speaker icon in the system tray – bottom right corner of the screen. In the list that appears, select "Sounds". In the opened window select the tab "Playback". Further operate according to the same scheme, which is described by the paragraph above.
To turn up the sound on a laptop, you can connect optional devices: headphones or speakers. There are also special programs that allow you not only to increase the sound, but also significantly improve its quality.

Advice 2: How to improve sound quality on laptop

Space in the compact body of the laptop is not enough, so to make the high-grade speakers will not work. If we are talking about budget serednjachki, you almost certainly sound like this device will also very average. If office applications it does not matter, for movies and music — on the contrary, very important. In this article we will talk about three options to significantly improve the sound quality of the laptop.
How to improve sound quality on laptop
The easiest way is to use high — quality headphones. The sound will be significantly better and more enjoyable. Use regular headphones with a connector minijack 3.5 mm. These are sold in any mobile phone shop or computer topics. It's simple: the more expensive the headphones the better they sound.
Headphones help you to enjoy music and movies with the laptop fully, but alone. To do this the whole company, you need to use external speakers. Choose a compact model that you can take with you in your backpack. They usually are powered by the USB port of the laptop or the battery. Such column is, for example, Logitech and Defender.
But real audiophiles and these measures may seem small. They are not satisfied with the quality of the built-in laptop sound chip. For such it may be advisable to use an external sound card. It also connects to the USB port of the laptop. Such a map will greatly improve the sound quality of the laptop. You can connect headphones, external speakers and a microphone.
When choosing a new laptop, pay attention to its audio system, if you are going to watch the movies and listen to music. Many manufacturers are attracted to design speakers in their devices eminent firms audiotrak, which produce the desktop speakers or components for automotive acoustics. These laptops sound much better than the competitors without any additional devices.
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