Fallout 3

Fallout 3 - continuing the once acclaimed games. It waited a very long time, and when it appeared on store shelves, began to rapidly buy up. Some users after installing the game encountered game freezes in different places (even if the game run on modern computers).

First and foremost, of course, you need to check if your PC meets the minimum system requirements. If everything is in order, then the problem must be sought elsewhere, and if it doesn't, then it means only one thing - it's time to change the components of a personal computer.

You also need to say that if you have installed the Windows 7 operating system and if you have a multicore processor, the game will certainly slow down and hang. Perhaps this problem is related to the optimization of the game under this operating system.

First, it is best not to change anything in the directories of the game, and just update the driver for your video card and sound card. Best still update DirectX .NET Framework and XLiveRedist to the latest version. It is possible that even after these simple manipulations the game will work fine, but in that case, if she still continues to hang, you need to enter certain codes in a special file of the game.

How to solve the problem with the lockups in Fallout 3?

To solve you need to find the file Fallout.ini. To do this, go to "My documents", find the My Games folder and then the folder of Fallout 3. Here is stored all user information about the game (settings, save, etc.). In the General section the user needs to find the line bUseThreadedAI=0 where it is necessary to replace the value "0" to "1". In addition, this same section need to add one more command iNumHWThreads=2. Then all the changes you want to keep. After these changes the game will run stable and without freezes. In any case, it is better to make a backup copy of the file Fallout.ini (you need it if something is done wrong).

Should also keep in mind that if you have not purchased the licensed copy of the game, and downloaded it, for example, on the torrent, it is likely that the problem is directly connected with the "improvements" pirates attempting to circumvent the security system. Perhaps it should be known that pirated copies of the game don't differ in their performance and can have many different deficiencies, including unresponsiveness of the game.