The computer freezes during the game: why?

The main reasons for the so-called lags, or freezes there are only two: incorrect operating system with a particular app, game or physical inability of the computer to handle requests for games then there is a mismatch of the optimal technical requirements.

Unresponsiveness in turn may also be divided into three types:

- program hang-up (app);
- operating system hangs;
- turn off computer as a result of physical failure ("blue screen of death", etc).

With every kind of problem struggle in different ways. For example, in the case of unresponsiveness of the program itself (the game) often helps fixing the bugs of the computer and cleaning the registry. Often, the application freezes may be caused by incompatibility between the OS and the game itself. However, the most common cause of hung applications can be called incorrect installation or damaged files of the archive to the game.

Operating system hangs during game play may occur as a result of the conflict of certain system libraries, which are used in the process. Operating system hangs can also be due to problems with the hard drive, the detection of which is possible only in special service centers.

Most often the game crash just because the machines on which they run, do not meet the minimum technical requirements. Overheating of parts or mismatched OS and games often involve hovering and braking.

The computer is turning off or the failure of hardware parts are often the result of physical wear and tear of specific parts or overheating. This often happens when the condition is not satisfied the application about the minimum technical requirements of the machine, and the machine in turn, has acceptable cooling.

Prevention of "health" OS as a way of getting rid of the freezes during the game

Often freezes the game or app due to the fact that the computer memory (RAM) is busy with other non-game apps. In this case you need to clean it, removing all unnecessary programs.

In order to avoid problems during the game you need to regularly clean the computer registry and delete unnecessary programs from the list of "AutoPlay" - they download the computer memory, while for the most part are unused or useless in principle.