For playing in LAN you must be connected to a special LAN cable, the ends of which stretched from one computer to another. If this device there is none, ask in a computer store. Try to buy a big length, to avoid problems pull the cable from one room to another. Connect the cord to both computers. Next you need to make some adjustments in the system.
Go to "my Network places". On the desktop click "My computer". Then go to the specified label. In the left part click on the tab "Show all connections". The operating system will automatically create a local connection, however, some settings still have to produce. Click on the label with this connection and in the context menu select "Properties". You will see a small window with settings.
Click "Internet Protocol". In the window that appears check the box next to "Use the following IP address". Enter a combination of numbers The subnet mask will be automatically created. Click "Save". On another computer, follow the same steps, but the IP address should differ in the final digit. Once you save the settings on another personal computer, you will automatically be notified about new local network.
Go to the game. This can be done by clicking on the desktop shortcut. As soon as a working menu, select "LAN". You will need to create a new game. To do this, select a card which will play. Also set the initial resources. On another computer go to the game. Click "LAN". Only in this case you need to select the "Find a local connection".
If all settings in personal computer has been done correctly, the system will automatically find the new connection. The second player must also choose a race for which he will play. However, he will not be able to produce maps and resources, as the Creator of the connection is on a different Ip address. This procedure is the same for all versions of the game "Heroes". To play on the Internet, you need to connect the connection and free the servers.