Find the most recent version of the trainer. Basically, the difference you'll notice is in the number of options: it is marked in the name of the trainer (+3). However, it is safe to say that later versions of trainers better integriruetsa in the program and generally cause fewer departures and failures. If there are several equivalent versions, differing only by the author – just in case try both.
Roll back the game version to the right. This item is not so important for games released more than six months ago, but for new products to test interoperability can play a big role. The performance of the trainer directly is determined by its similarity with the product version: if you set a new patch, the job of the trainer is not guaranteed. The same role plays and install the crack.
Put trainer in game folder. Most often you need to conduct copying in the root directory, however, you may come across exceptions. A reliable way to test – run the trainer and see if there are any marks on the opened launcher.
Remember or write down the desired keys. After running the trainer from the root directory in any case do not close it, otherwise the work program would not. You'll need to memorize keyboard controls and a trainer to worry about that they do not coincide with the management of the game (usually in the standard layout this is not allowed). The particular key will cause a beep confirming the option.
When running the trainer, turn on the game. But do not rush to activate it funckii: trainer works "taking root" in the root of the program, so if you are in main menu, turn on "immortality", the risk to crash to the desktop, because the parameter "number of lives" are simply not created. So, enjoy your cheat is carefully, only after full loading level and without frequent mode switching.