The concept of socio-cultural activities

Socio-cultural activity is an activity that aims at the preservation and transmission of cultural values and the development of self-assurance and self-realization of individuals and groups through introducing them to these values. Usually this activity is associated with leisure. Specialists are working on the organization of cultural events, help in case of family difficulties and any other communication through the organization of free time of children and adults.

This activity is very important because aims to solve individual social problems and addressing the cultural needs of society. SKD is diverse, it has many different options and institutions, is extremely voluntariness and freedom of choice. Socio-cultural activity fulfills the recreational, cultural and creative, educational and outreach functions.

Where and how it is taught

In Russia, more than 60 universities that offer their programs on the education of students the socio-cultural activities. Are the leading Moscow universities, such as Moscow state University of culture and arts, Moscow city pedagogical University and others. Students study culture and art in all their diversity, their theory and historical development, applied disciplines and the Humanities, students have practice in different cultural and production centers.

Graduates of this specialty work in the field of culture and show business, mainly engaged in organizational activity, negotiating with agencies, arranging events and promoting stars on the career ladder. Specialists work with actors, singers, circus artists, organize exhibitions in galleries and so on. Many students of this Department emphasize the desire and the opportunity after graduation to work in the specialty, high probability of obtaining a profitable income, which grows with the experience and qualification of specialists and a range of activities that can be combined with studies. This is one of the most popular in the modern world, spheres of activity, with the right approach, bringing real benefits to society and culture.