Advice 1: Why hangs the computer

The situation hangs the PC familiar to almost every user. Most often it is a small hovering, slow down the performance of computer and makes it uncomfortable. But there are more serious situations when the computer completely hangs and stops to respond to user actions.
Why hangs the computer
If the computer consistently hangs after a while after turning on or after you run some "heavy" program, first check that the cooler (fan cooling the CPU). Even if it rotates, the fins can accumulate a thick layer of dust, preventing normal cooling of the processor. Clean the cooler with a blower or brush.
If the crash of the computer is accompanied by the appearance of blue screen error codes, first check the RAM. Perhaps the problem lies in poor contact: gently pull out the memory modules and clean their contacts eraser, then reinstall. If the fault has not disappeared, a RAM check utility Windows Memory Diagnostic.
In that case, if the computer is old enough, do a General cleaning. Disconnect from the motherboard, hard drives and disk drives all cables, remove the graphics card. If you are not sure that they will be able to collect, in reverse order, before disassembling note the position of all the removed elements.
Thoroughly clean the motherboard, cooler, video card and other parts from dust. Use compressed air or a brush. Clean all contacts and reassemble the computer. If the hang-up was the bad contact in one of the connectors, the computer begins to work normally.
If the hardware of the computer in order, the cause of unresponsiveness need to look for in the software. During the freezes of the computer start "task Manager" and rate the CPU usage. If it is equal to 100%, let's see what the program consumes major resources of the computer.
To speed up the performance of your computer disable unnecessary services: "start" – "control Panel" – "administrative tools" – "Services". The list of services that can be disabled, find it in the Internet.
Check the virtual memory settings: "start" – "control Panel" – "System" – "Performance" – "Settings" – "Advanced" – "Virtual memory". Perhaps for some reason the virtual memory on your computer is disabled or configured incorrectly. Select "the Size for choice systems" and save the changes.
One of the reasons for the unresponsiveness may be the presence of computer malware. Check the operation of antivirus programs and the relevance of anti-virus databases. If the antivirus finds nothing, install AnVir Task Manager. It allows you to easily view a list of processes indicates CPU usage, the degree of danger of running programs, keys, startup, name, executable files, etc. With the help of this program you will be able to find and remove malicious software.
Check the degree of fragmentation of the disks by running a utility defragmentation: "start" – All programs – Accessories – system tools – disk Defragmentation". Select the drive, click the "Analyze" button. If the software shows that the drive need to be defragmented, run it, click "Defragment".
Remove from autoload all unnecessary programs. To do this, run the msconfig utility: "start" – "Run", type msconfig and hit OK. Select the tab "startup" and deselect those programs which you don't want to run automatically.
Clean system registry using the appropriate utility such as RegCleaner or Registry Mechanic. "Dirty" registry slows down booting of computer.
In some cases, the cause of the unresponsiveness of the computer lies in the corrupted system files. The easiest way to troubleshoot the problem by reinstalling the operating system in the update mode. Insert the disk with the Windows distribution into the drive, start the installation. At the beginning of the download select the update mode. In this case, you will still have all the installed program on the computer and system settings.
Useful advice
Before working with the registry or updating the operating system, be sure to save on an external drive important files. If you have one hard disk, divide it into two: to the disk, install the operating system on the D drive keep your files.

Advice 2: How to fix computer freezes

Freezes the computer brings a lot of inconvenience to users. There are several main reasons for the slow work and hangs the computer, namely the lack of RAM, overloaded with programs, startup, malfunctions and incorrect operation of the operating system, viruses. Below these reasons are discussed in detail, as possible solutions to these problems.
How to fix computer freezes
You will need
  • Computer
Insufficient amount of RAM (memory). Most clearly the problem of the small amount of memory seen by the slow working of the computer while simultaneously running multiple programs or running the most current, demanding computer games. With the release of the latest operating systems (e.g. Windows 7) and new software, this problem also has become quite relevant. To solve it, install it in your computer more memory. Please make sure that your motherboard supports this type of memory is free slots. In modern reality, for normal operation you need at least 2 Gb of memory.
A large number of programs at startup. If at the start of the operating system is loaded simultaneously with very many programs, the computer will slow down and hang. Go to start - Run and type Msconfig. Then on the startup tab uncheck the applications you don't need. It optimize your computer and reduce the likelihood of hang-up.
Malware (viruses, worms, Trojans, etc.) Viruses can significantly consume system resources. In addition, the presence of viruses on the computer may cause the loss of important files in some cases - identity theft and other unpleasant consequences. So be sure to install a quality antivirus computer and periodically update it's databases. You need to get at least once a week to conduct a full scan for viruses all computer drives.
The operating system crashes. Operating system crashes can also be the reason for the slow performance and freezes PC. Do a system restore via start->All programs->Accessories->system tools->system Restore. If the recovery does not lead to positive results, in some cases it is easier to reinstall the operating system (keeping the data).

Advice 3: Why computer freezes and reboots

The most common causes of "freezing" and restarting the computer are infected by viral programs, glitches in the operating system or failure of memory.
Why computer freezes and reboots

The reason – the virus

First, you need to scan your computer for viruses. Use the installed anti-virus program and scan whole computer. In that case, if you doubt the effectiveness of the installed antivirus, it will not hurt to reinstall and use a more reliable option. Rating antivirus software is compiled annually, covering almost all noteworthy products and published on the Internet. In that case, if the version of virus infection is not confirmed, but the computer still freezes and randomly reboots, it is necessary to conduct consistent review of the hardware part.

Cause – faulty hardware

Begin testing the hardware with a study of the status RAM. For this free memory recorded in the item "Physical memory" task Manager" should not be less than 20% of the total volume. In that case, if free memory is less then you should increase the amount of RAM in the computer or constantly to ensure that unnecessary applications have been disabled. Forced shutdown of processes via "task Manager".

The reason – a failure in the operating system

If there is no shortage of RAM, and viruses the effect of "freezing" and restarting can be caused by a failure in the operating system. The situation can be corrected only reinstalling or restoring. Prior to the reinstall or repair make sure that all information from the disk was stored either on external drives or on drive D.

In addition to these, the most frequent causes of "freezing" and rebooting to cause such effects can a faulty power supply, defects of components of the system unit, the motherboard damage. Overheating of CPU or video card – the scourge of modern computers and especially laptops. The desire of producers to compactness, leads to a sensitivity of machines to external temperatures. Therefore, if your computer is faulty in the summer, it is likely that this is a consequence of overheating. For temperature monitoring you can use special software applications available on the Internet. These programs allow you to track the temperature changes in the main components of a computer. Thus it is possible to identify what stress the hardware the same as hang and restart.

It is very difficult to determine what exactly has failed in these sites. So often they change to a new one. The best way out is to appeal to the service center to diagnose the fault and further repairs on the computer.

Advice 4: Why your computer freezes during the game

Computer, like any technology, has its own shelf life. If from the computer to squeeze all the juice, it will lose most of the functionality. For example, many users after a few years notice that the game or program began to work worse, but the OS itself and sometimes just freezes during the passage of the next level of your favorite shooting games. What to do in this case?
Why your computer freezes during the game

The computer freezes during the game: why?

The main reasons for the so-called lags, or freezes there are only two: incorrect operating system with a particular app, game or physical inability of the computer to handle requests for games then there is a mismatch of the optimal technical requirements.

Unresponsiveness in turn may also be divided into three types:

- program hang-up (app);
- operating system hangs;
- turn off computer as a result of physical failure ("blue screen of death", etc).

With every kind of problem struggle in different ways. For example, in the case of unresponsiveness of the program itself (the game) often helps fixing the bugs of the computer and cleaning the registry. Often, the application freezes may be caused by incompatibility between the OS and the game itself. However, the most common cause of hung applications can be called incorrect installation or damaged files of the archive to the game.

Operating system hangs during game play may occur as a result of the conflict of certain system libraries, which are used in the process. Operating system hangs can also be due to problems with the hard drive, the detection of which is possible only in special service centers.

Most often the game crash just because the machines on which they run, do not meet the minimum technical requirements. Overheating of parts or mismatched OS and games often involve hovering and braking.

The computer is turning off or the failure of hardware parts are often the result of physical wear and tear of specific parts or overheating. This often happens when the condition is not satisfied the application about the minimum technical requirements of the machine, and the machine in turn, has acceptable cooling.

Prevention of "health" OS as a way of getting rid of the freezes during the game

Often freezes the game or app due to the fact that the computer memory (RAM) is busy with other non-game apps. In this case you need to clean it, removing all unnecessary programs.

In order to avoid problems during the game you need to regularly clean the computer registry and delete unnecessary programs from the list of "AutoPlay" - they download the computer memory, while for the most part are unused or useless in principle.

Advice 5: Why hangs the laptop

Sometimes for no apparent reason people face problems when their favorite laptop in the process starts to hang, slow down, and then completely disconnect. How to find out why this is happening and how to handle it?
Why hangs the laptop

The main reasons, which may hang the laptop are: overheating of the CPU, disconnecting the contacts of the chip or incorrect operation of the software.

To find out why the laptop hangs, first determine whether it overheats during operation, after a temperature measurement using the HWMonitor utility. Download it from the Internet, install and run. Then turn on your favorite program or game that loads the laptop. While you will work/ play with the program, HWMonitor will record maximum temperatures. Fifteen minutes later, exit the game and see what shows utility. The processor the temperature should be from 75-80 degrees. For graphics card and chipset up to 90, and for Winchester to 55 degrees, if the above means overheating.

If you think that the laptop freezes because of dust clogged in the cooling system, clean with the replacement thermal paste. If possible, contact the specialists of the service center, which for a small fee you all will clean. If this is not possible, try to clean themselves.

To do this, turn off the laptop and disconnect from the network. Flip it upside down and pull the battery. Then consider how to get to the fan. Often have to remove the cover, which is fixed on the bolts and latches. Once the cover is open, remove the fan, clean the blades and the radiator with a dry cloth, tissue or brush. Then proceed to replace the thermal paste, but keep in mind, this requires experience and knowledge. So if you do something wrong, the warranty is lost.

Believing that the cause of the unresponsiveness of the laptop is incorrect operation of the software will clear the memory from unnecessary programs and check your computer for viruses.

Advice 6: Why fallout 3 hangs

Fallout 3 is one of the most anticipated games. Unfortunately, after purchasing the game, some users might encounter with the game freezes. They are associated with many different factors.
Why fallout 3 hangs

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 - continuing the once acclaimed games. It waited a very long time, and when it appeared on store shelves, began to rapidly buy up. Some users after installing the game encountered game freezes in different places (even if the game run on modern computers).

First and foremost, of course, you need to check if your PC meets the minimum system requirements. If everything is in order, then the problem must be sought elsewhere, and if it doesn't, then it means only one thing - it's time to change the components of a personal computer.

You also need to say that if you have installed the Windows 7 operating system and if you have a multicore processor, the game will certainly slow down and hang. Perhaps this problem is related to the optimization of the game under this operating system.

First, it is best not to change anything in the directories of the game, and just update the driver for your video card and sound card. Best still update DirectX .NET Framework and XLiveRedist to the latest version. It is possible that even after these simple manipulations the game will work fine, but in that case, if she still continues to hang, you need to enter certain codes in a special file of the game.

How to solve the problem with the lockups in Fallout 3?

To solve you need to find the file Fallout.ini. To do this, go to "My documents", find the My Games folder and then the folder of Fallout 3. Here is stored all user information about the game (settings, save, etc.). In the General section the user needs to find the line bUseThreadedAI=0 where it is necessary to replace the value "0" to "1". In addition, this same section need to add one more command iNumHWThreads=2. Then all the changes you want to keep. After these changes the game will run stable and without freezes. In any case, it is better to make a backup copy of the file Fallout.ini (you need it if something is done wrong).

Should also keep in mind that if you have not purchased the licensed copy of the game, and downloaded it, for example, on the torrent, it is likely that the problem is directly connected with the "improvements" pirates attempting to circumvent the security system. Perhaps it should be known that pirated copies of the game don't differ in their performance and can have many different deficiencies, including unresponsiveness of the game.
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