The procedure of registration of the meter

First of all, you need to buy the device accuracy class 1, the electric switchboard and circuit breakers. Just install the meter may be done only with the permission of the electricity supply company. Self-replacement or installation of meters facing fines or other sanctions. To work on the installation of meters must be performed in a licensed organization.

Reasons installed new counters a few:
- transfer the meter to the new location;
- replacing old appliances and installing new on the same place;
- installation of the meter.

Meters are classified by type of construction, connection and type of measured quantities. After the metering device of electric power will be purchased and installed, the customer must have the package of all necessary documents for the further registration counter. This package of documents is submitted to the management company, which provides services at home.

The list of documents to account for the meter

Registration of a new meter is carried out according to the written request of the consumer, with personal data of the citizen , information about the organisation that carried out the assembling and installation of equipment. The statement also shall indicate the date and place of installation and serial number of the device. In addition to the attached copy of the passport of the electricity meter and a copy of the inspection counter. The input device for the metering operation must be carried out within one month after installation. Payment for the installation and sealing of the meter is carried out in the energy retail organization.

When replacing an old meter with a new specialist must record the serial number of the device and to remove the last indications of electricity. The final stage is the drafting of an act that is recorded in the unified settlement center. Readings of the old meter register for a new one. Before you register the meter, you must contact the energy organization to familiarize with procedure of replacement and installation of metering devices, as well as requirements to counters. In this regard, it should be noted three main points related to the choice of the counter. The installation shall be allowed only as permitted by law types of counters have the appropriate certificates. You should pay attention to the accuracy class and date of release of the metering device.