Pass the mandatory verification of the meter. It carries out the inspection services, they also sealed the counters of electrical energy. It is recommended to connect single-phase electric meter to carry out the instructions, which is attached to the device. The regulation contains a detailed description of its technical characteristics and other parameters.
Install single-phase electric meter, using the mounting screws. Place with the outer side wall insulator that looks like a funnel. Inside it has the form of a sleeve. As insulators can be used lead or PVC tube. Connection diagrams single-phase meter include insulated wiring from an external point input to the counter. Do isolation single-wire or conducting cable with a solid cross-section. Copper wire should be with a cross section of at least 2.4 mm2 or aluminum wire size of 4 mm2 or more.
Do the wiring, leaving the free ends of the wires (at least 12 inches). Connect the wires to the terminals of single-phase electricity meter using the marking (phase wire - 1 on the left terminal, ground wire to the 3rd terminal from the left, the load wire - 2-I and 4-I). Insulation or sheath wire with zero voltage to the meter is recommended to make a color different from the rest of the wires (length approximately 10 cm).
Produce the passage of electric current from the start current of the windings to their end. Terminal cover phase meter, includes 4 power contact. Two are for single-phase current, and the other two to supply it to the wiring. If you use transformers, it is necessary to consider the polarity of the transformer voltage and current.