Find and buy a meter that meets your needs. You can set the devices with a single tariff, dual tariff and multi-tariff, as long as the device was listed in the state regardless of its model.
Write a statement to the organization with which you have a contract for the supply of electricity. You will be given a permit to replace the old instrument to the new counter.
Better if you agree with the specialists from the company and you will install a new meter on all the rules and requirements and must be sealed immediately and will make the act on commissioning of a new device with permission to use it.
If you want to install the counter, it may be subject to all rules of the installation. The device should be mounted on a special stand, to be on the available height and in an accessible location to verify the power company at any time.
After installation of the meter invite a representative from the power company supplying electricity to verify proper installation and connection, and to seal the counter. A company representative will make the act of putting the unit into operation with the permission to start to use it.
If previously you stood single-rate meter, and you have installed dual-tariff or multi-tariff, the subscriber Department of power supply renew the contract on the electricity bill at other rates. The contract reserve from the representative of the housing Department.