Metering becomes quite a lot. If earlier the apartment cost is only the electricity meter, now there are water, gas, heat. The question of who needs to replace ageing equipment, has long been spelled out by the law - the change is made at the expense of the owner of the property.

Why you need a replacement of an electricity meter

Modern electricity meters have several modifications - there are the usual counters, and there are two tariffs, taking the readings of electricity usage during daytime and nighttime separately. If you received an order to replace the existing metering device, you can use this moment to reduce the costs of energy supply.

If to speak about the benefits of the change of one simple counter to a more updated, we should note the fact, which they say energy supplying company - a more accurate accounting of energy consumption, and that the counters themselves are wasting this energy on ensuring their own health. But the main motivation for replacing the counters is out of the equipment warranty expiration date.

How to replace the counter?

There are several ways to change of accounting device, cheapest independent. In this case, the procedure would be as follows: the owner of the property notifies the management company or the electricity supplier of the intention to replace the meter and pay the fee only for the filling equipment. Everywhere this amount is different but the average is limited to 150-300 rubles. Staff will come in time, previously agreed with the company, and inspect the meter for compliance with the requirements, will put the seal. You can also consider the option of third party call an electrician, who will carry out the replacement of a counter, but to seal it will be necessary to invite all the same electrician from a specified company (UK, housing or energy supplier)

If you can't afford to replace the counter, you can contact either the management company or the housing and utilities sector, either directly in the business of supplying electricity. The scheme is about the same: you should request to call an electrician and pay for the service replacement and sealing counter. The only thing that can vary the situation, the need to purchase new equipment. Undoubtedly, the management company will insist on the purchase of meter they have, as they have already made their mark, but to buy in this organization do not have a meter, you can buy any device.