Don't throw away the old meter as long as the electrician from the housing and utilities do not overwrite the serial number and will not record readings of electricity consumption at the time of its dismantling. Old fillings do not necessarily save, but it is better to leave them to see if you can come across fastidious electrician.
Contact the housing and communal service that corresponds to your home. If you do not know where to turn, specify the service address in the city reference, calling their district, street and house number. In the accounting Department of housing and communal services take a receipt for the payment for sealing the meter and pay for this service in the nearest branch of Sberbank.
Go back to the housing Department and present the paid receipt to the duty Manager. After checking the marks from the Bank Manager will appoint the date and time, directions to your location of specialist housing and communal services (an electrician) and will be given the act that the electrician will have to fill on the spot during the inspection and sealing of the counter.
Wait until the electrician's visit, take him to the new counter, show the old meter. Installation of new seals don't take much time, wait until the wizard will perform the work. Tell him the act received in the housing and utilities service. Make sure that the electrician is properly recorded in the act all the data (serial number of old and new meter, the latest readings on the old meter and the current value on the new).
With the completed act back in the housing service to authorized persons assured an official act the sealing of the meter and put the seal of the organization. Departments can have different names, but usually the signature chief engineer of the Department, and print – accounting or office.
Certified act contact United cash centre, wait for the experts will make the allocation and registers the new electricity supply meter. Then pay for the energy they consume is already on the readings of the new meter.