You will need
  • 1. Compiled by the specialist equipment necessary equipment
  • 2. Given the appropriate technical conditions, one or more water meters
  • 3. The package of documents required for registration of the counter
Refer to the application for the installation of water meter in DES (managing organization) or another company having the license for carrying out of such works. Within a few days you will come to the specialist who will check the condition of the water system and determine the equipment necessary for the installation of the meter equipment.
Buy counter (one or more), keeping in mind the specifications defined by the specialist for your apartment or house. However, suitable for your meter of water can find themselves the masters of the company leading work on its installation. But to buy a water meter on their own, wanting to save money or, conversely, to acquire a better machine, you have every right.
Coordinate the time of installation of the water meter with which you do the work ordered. Experts will arrive with a ready package of documents required for further registration of the meter and install it in a few hours.
Sight in DEZ (the management company), the act of acceptance into operation the metering devices. Then provide all the documents sent to you by a company that carried out the installation of the meter, Unified information and settlement center. Now, signing an agreement about payment of the delivered services with the help of counters you start to pay only for the amount of water that is truly consumed and not for the average monthly rate.