Select a new meter. The main requirement is to be his presence in the state, i.e. the state permission to use and its accuracy, not less than 2.0. Some suppliers of electricity are advised to put certain models to increase the accuracy class energy metering, but you are not obliged to follow their recommendations if you don't like it or can't afford it.
Invite an electrician from your utility or power retail companies of the city. Today, many companies provide services of this kind. They will remove the old counter and hang a new one. It is not recommended to replace the meter yourself, because breaking the seal on the old meter will be regarded as a breach of contract with the energy supplier, which leads to a change of the procedure of payments for electricity.
After the installation of a new meter call the house of representative of the energy supply company which will seal the instrument will read it and give permission for its use. With this permission you have to go to payment center and put it on the record. Now the counter will be the legal basis for the calculation of consumed electricity. Test of the new metering device will be made only after 16 years.