Arguments about the likelihood of getting pregnant when interrupted intercourse is not subside until now. Many couples use condoms so many years and in a loud voice say, what blunders not happened even once. But if you and your partner practice this method of protection, especially in the days of ovulation, then the probability of getting pregnant remains, and is quite high.
Despite the fact that scientists denied the fact that the secret allocated to the male sexual organ at first sexual intercourse, contains a small amount of sperm, women continue to get pregnant and bear a child with this method of protection. And for good reason.
The probability of getting pregnant when interrupted intercourse is 50% out of 100. If you notice your partner that it is difficult to stop and time to extract the penis from the vagina, then some amount of semen still got in him or his eve. Partner just might lie to you, to reassure you and you will remain in full confidence that all is well, although in reality the probability of getting pregnant remains.
If you make love often – a few times a day, and not attend the shower after each ejaculation during subsequent sexual intercourse the sperm remaining in the folds of the foreskin, can get into the vagina, lowering the chances of avoiding an unplanned pregnancy. If man removes penis from your vagina during ejaculation, but directs the flow of seminal fluid directly into the labia, the sperm can penetrate, get into the urethra and from there to go down. After all, they are extremely tenacious and agile. But if this method of protection is selected in the ovulation, the probability of getting pregnant is already 25% out of 100.
If you combine this method of contraception with the calendar, the chances of getting pregnant when interrupted intercourse is virtually zero, and you can practice it further, preventing the other days of the condom. But the fact is that the method of the interrupted sexual intercourse has undesirable psychological consequences detrimental to the relations of two loving people. Man, instead of get pleasure, constantly forced to hold back and control myself, and the woman also can not completely relax, constantly thinking about possible pregnancy.
It is worth Recalling that the sperm is very tenacious and can live in the cavity of the vagina up to 7 days, that is why chances of getting pregnant when interrupted intercourse in combination with the calendar method still remain.