What is condom and why is it needed?

Condom, condom is a contraceptive barrier method made of thin, but durable rubber, creating an obstacle to the penetration of the male sperm in female's genital tract. At its end, which after putting on should be at the head of the penis, there is a special space for the accumulation of sperm.

The lack of a condom, only one is a reduced sensitivity of the partners during the sexual act. But the advantages are countless because it:
- easy to use;
- an excellent preventive measure, protect from sexually transmitted diseases;
- no contraindications to the use of rare cases of men's inability to maintain erection and allergies, including female vagina to latex.

In addition, the condom is always available, and its price is low. Colored and habitual corporal, in spots, pimple, smooth and with a mustache – which not only came up with people for fun.

How to use it, this classic contraceptive?

After checking the expiry date of the condom shown on the package, it was in the pocket of its owner.
When choosing a condom it is necessary to pay attention to the country of manufacture. Japanese condoms are recognized as the most durable. But cheap, but questionable quality "China" in street tents not worth buying.
What to do next? In the process of lovemaking with a partner when the penis becomes erect, carefully remove the condom from the package and let the air out of the top, pressing on it with two fingers.

Expand the condom should not be. Keeping it compressed the tip, the rubber ring is necessary to attach to the head and gradually roll out to the base of the penis.

If you are an inexperienced user, train yourself to use a condom without a partner as the occurrence of spontaneous erections. Or instruct your partner to wear a condom you include this lesson in the love of the game.

Are there any features of removing the condom?

After intercourse, the member should be removed gently from the vagina, avoiding contact with semen from condom on the genitals of the partner. If it was noticed that the integrity of the contraceptive is broken, the woman should drink a special pill or introduce into the vagina a drug that neutralizes the effects of sperm (about their purchase must be taken care of in advance).
If the condom broke, and pregnancy pair have so far, a woman can take a pill "Postinor" or enter "pharmatex" – the spermicide to the vagina.

A used condom in any case do not use re – throw it, and after re-erection wear new. After all sexual intercourse both partners must wash or take a shower.