Consider a system of organizational and legal measures to ensure the security of the enterprise through a comprehensive protection of objects, areas and wealth. Measures should ensure the full functioning of enterprises in conditions of competition. In any case, the implementation of security functions is an auxiliary task and should not reduce the efficiency of primary production.
Create the company 's own security service or sign a contract with a legal entity having a valid license for the right to engage in private security activities.
Determine the purpose of security measures. First of all, to prevent encroachments on the property of the company and avoid causing him material damage.
Make a list of stationary objects of the enterprise under protection (industrial and other working premises, equipment, storage of material values, communication, etc.). Include in the list are subject to the protection of objects, vehicles, travel routes, places of business meetings and business events.
Consider, how will be access control at the enterprise in respect of employees, visitors, vehicles and cargo. Forms of control should include the process of identification, preventing unauthorized movement of visitors on the premises, and commit attempted theft of property from the protected area (usually by visual observation and video monitoring).
If necessary, organize valuables convoy and personnel to prevent damage during transportation.
Calculate the need for security service technical means of protection (weapons, radio communication equipment allowed by special means, devices, audio - video control, etc.). One of the options for protection – carrying patrol with sniffer dogs.
If you chose the option of organizing its own security, pay special attention to recruiting. The security personnel shall meet the requirements of their state of health, moral qualities and professional skills.
Put together all aspects of the implementation of security activities and make them documented in the form of regulations and instructions binding for all employees of the company. Guide the creation of a security service by order of the company, appointing a person responsible for organization of security measures.