You will need
  • - the documents proving the identity;
  • - medical certificate;
  • money.
  • - a set of tickets for the theoretical exam.
Select the driving school for training. Choices make not only on the basis of the proposed prices, but also on the recommendations of friends and acquaintances. The level of education in different schools is different, so choose the driving school with the most experienced instructors and the maximum percentage passing the exams in the traffic police.
Complete the mandatory training course consisting of theoretical lectures and practical exercises. Listen carefully to instructors and trainers, write down the most important information, learn the peculiarities of driving and the rules of the road.
In the district hospital will pay for and pass the examination in accordance with the requirements. Get the signatures of all the necessary specialists and the General conclusion.
Memorize all 40 tickets (each consists of 20 tasks) from a set of tickets for category C. Pass the theoretical exam at the driving school (the terms of delivery vary in different schools, but most often permitted 2 errors).
Once you drove with an instructor all practical clock, make sure that you feel confident behind the wheel and do not need additional training. Pass a practical test on a category at the driving school at the circuit, which includes a stop and troganie on the lifting, a parallel Parking in reverse, "snake", u-turn, the entrance to the box (the choice of the examiner). Then join instructor, examiner in the city. Follow all the requirements of the examiner, observing all traffic rules.
If you pass the exams immediately failed, try again after some time. Take additional driving lessons to consolidate practical skills, to learn tickets.
Next step: take the same exams (practical and theoretical) in the presence of the traffic police inspector.
Provide all necessary documents (driver's card, passport, medical certificate) to the traffic police, pay a fee for the license and the fee for the exams. Wait getting new right!