Part of Russian citizens sincerely think that to obtain a driver's license without training in driving school today is impossible. However, this is not true - coveted "crust" you can get it officially without tiring trips to theoretical training and paid trips with the instructor. Besides group training often do not bring the desired result. The law allows you to obtain rights on their own; however, it refers to category "A", "B". What algorithm of actions?

Required documents

Before you gather the right paperwork for a hike in traffic, it is necessary to deal with the registration in place for future exam. If you are going to take it there, where it is spelled out, no problems. However, if you live, for example, in Moscow, and was in another city, you will need original documents for provisional registration.

But the place of residence indicated in the passport, to go still have, because I needed help from the local branch of the traffic police, confirming that you have never had a driver's license. Another document is a medical certificate. It is necessary to make a copy. When all the paperwork on hand, you can go to the traffic police. Along with a medical certificate and submit a copy of passport. You will be given an application form, receipt for payment of fees, examinations (about 1,000 rubles).


There will be two: theoretical, practical. In the first case will be offered 20 questions out of 800 that you need to give at least 18 correct answers. The practical part is divided into a few stages. On the first have to show ability to drive a car on a special platform. The inspector will offer 5 possible tasks 3. In any case it will be the task of the Congress on the ascent (uphill). The second stage is "interesting" - it is necessary to go with the inspector through the city.

A license

When failed to surrender driving attempt can be repeated after a week, and so an infinite number of times, the same applies to the theory (but for every change have to pay). If the exams were adopted, the documents, except passport, remain in the traffic police. Rights will be given only after the calendar month. When 30 days pass to remain present in the Department of traffic police passport and to pay for another (already past!) a receipt for the manufacturer identity. It is possible that here for a picture.