You will need
  • - knowledge of traffic rules;
  • - management skills of the motorcycle.
Course in motorcycle driving is best done at a driving school. If the category you can prepare with the help of a private instructor, then similar offerings on the market rider training almost none. Less choice and driving schools offering courses in category A, the most limited program for future car drivers.
Conditions a theoretical examination standard: twenty questions, in which of the three options you need to choose the right one, 20 minutes per run, not more than two mistakes.
For this test, in principle, can prepare yourself and. Usually enough two weeks, but with the proviso that the preparation at least two hours daily. Sites with the opportunity to practice taking the test, including categories And that's enough.
The practical part on the circuit is divided into three components. Candidate motorcyclists demonstrates the skills of a motorcycle, showing a variety of exercises: "snake", "overall corridor", "overall eight", "track Board", etc. during the execution of tasks necessary to demonstrate the ability to move, to fit into corners, move around in a circle, to keep the bike in a straight line to gain speed and drop it, slow down, to keep the bike upright without touching the asphalt with his foot.For errors when you run are awarded from 1 to 5 penalty points, the maximum is not more than 4 for each exercise. If this condition is fulfilled, the examination has been.