To start the server by means of the game you need to make settings. Open the game Counter Strike and wait for its launch.
In the main menu screen that appears, select "Create server" (New game) in the bottom left of the monitor. In the menu that appears, select the map where you would like to play and click "Create" (Start). You can also choose server configuration in the tab "Settings" (Settings). Here you can set the amount of money, which from the outset appears the player and the time given for the purchase of weapons.
Once a game is created, you can invite other players from your local network, giving its local IP address.
If you want to invite players from the Internet, press the "~" in the top left corner of the keyboard. This button is located under the first Esc. In the menu that appears, enter a query sv_lan 0 and press Enter. Pass your IP address to other players in the format address:27015. Find out the IP address of your computer you can use one of the online services of its determination.
To create your server also you can use HldsUpdateTool utility. Download this program and run its installation. During the installation you will be prompted to choose the folder where files will be installed on the server. Choose or create any folder and remember the path to it. The game select Europe.
Go to the directory where you installed the program. Run the file hldsupdatetool.exe and wait for the upgrade procedure of the program.
Create a desktop text document and change its extension from .txt on .bat. Add a text document through context menu, right-clicking on the desktop and selecting New - Text document.
Open the resulting file with Notepad ("File" - "Open with") and enter the following code:

Start /wait hldsupdatetool.exe
Start /wailt hldsupdatetool.exe –command update –game “Counter-Strike Source” –dir.

Save the changes and double click on the created document. A command window will open and begin downloading the server files. After that, go to the directory server and select Start.bat. The program installation is completed.