You will need
  • t-shirt;
  • inkjet printer;
  • -iron
  • image;
  • -thermal transfer paper;
  • -a pair of scissors.
There are several ways of transferring images to fabric. Professional studios have resorted to the method of silk screen printing (eg screen printing), sublimation, thermal transfer and digital printing. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. But at home they are not all feasible. For high quality printing on t-shirts requires special materials and expensive equipment. But you can transfer the pattern on clothing and yourself.
For this you will need directly a t-shirt that you want to do printing, inkjet printer, thermal transfer paper, scissors and an iron. Refrain from synthetic clothing. She can not withstand high temperature while transferring pictures to it. T-shirt it is better to take white, then it will not have a visible background from the paper. However, if you find a paper of a different color, and clothes for print can be a different color. Thermal transfer paper, by the way, is sold in computer stores or departments that implement consumables for office equipment cartridges, photo paper, ink, etc. or matrix or laser printer will not work.
Select the photo or picture and the mirror display in any graphical editor. Print a picture and trim the excess. If the image is of regular geometric shape, cut precisely according to the contour, departing from the figure of about 0.5 cm If the drawing does not have smooth boundaries, then when you cut zakruglenie transitions.
Put the resulting template in a color image down to a tee. Heat the iron to maximum temperature and begin to iron the picture in 3-5 minutes. The highest temperature of iron – in the middle of his soles. Gradually increase the pressure. Pay special attention to the edges of the picture.
Gently start to remove the paper from the fabric. Hook a corner and slowly pull the film. Do not make sudden movements. If you see that the paint clings to the paper, put it back and once again good iron.