T-shirt with trim

Turn a simple t-shirt with sleeves in a romantic outfit. You will need a t-shirt with round neck and Raglan sleeves, narrow chiffon scarf polka dot and safety pin.

Lay the shirt on a flat surface and make two slits along the line of the Raglan from the collar to the armpits. With the help of safety pins fastened to one side of the scarf, prodavnice through the resulting slot. The ends of the scarf tie lush bow and straighten the edges.

Another option for a romantic finish - rose fabric. Pick a knitted fabric of one color, blending in with the shirt. Cut fabric into narrow strips, each priamerica and roll into a rose shape, securing the flower with a few stitches. Make several roses and then attach them at the shoulder safety pins or sew.

Very impressive t-shirt with applique. Choose a fabric with a beautiful print and cut from it a rectangular motif. Baste it to the front of the shirt, and then pristrochite on a typewriter. The part of the pattern embroidered tonal sequins. Instead of sequins you can attach rhinestones using glue gun.

A simple design with fringe. Sharp scissors, carefully cut off the hemmed part at the bottom of the shirt and sleeves. Then make lots of parallel cuts. Knitwear slightly twisted, creating a fringe effect. This finish looks particularly lovely on plain t-shirts in dark and bright colors.

Draw on t-shirts

Even if you do not know how to draw, you can make a creative t-shirt with an original drawing. Try to decorate the plain white t-shirt with long or short sleeves. Choose a thing from a dense knit that pattern will look especially effectively.

Prepare the fabric paint in black or dark blue. Lay the shirt on the table, covered with a film. Inside the unit put a piece of cardboard. This is necessary so that the paint soaked through the fabric and left no prints on the reverse side.

Collect the paint on a wide brush and sharp movement Strachowice it in cloth tag to form a chaotic spot. Once satisfied, dry paint, and then iron the t-shirt iron. After that the thing will be washed without fear that the picture will shed.

White t-shirt you can decorate with special markers for fabric. Take a school ruler with holes-circles or cut out the stencil using an inverted Cup. Apply the stencil on the fabric and tracing circles colored markeri so they found one another. Thus, you can decorate the whole shirt or decorate only part of the bottom or the neck.