Advice 1: What if punctured my leg on a rusty nail

When wound on a rusty nail be sure to disinfect the wound. If the nail entered the foot deep enough, then you should immediately seek help at the hospital because the wound may begin to fester. It may threaten blood poisoning or damage to the tendons and mobility impairments.
What if punctured my leg on a rusty nail

What to do when a nail puncture

First thing you need to look at the wound, carefully wash it with soap and water and disinfected. Next on the damaged area apply dressing to prevent leakage of dirt. In that case, if the foot began to swell, increased body temperature, you should see a doctor. At strong deterioration of surgical intervention will not be avoided.

The risk of tetanus with a puncture of a nail

In case you stepped on a rusty nail and had a deep wound, in addition to her treatment with antiseptic and applying bandages, you need to spend some more manipulation, because the surface of the nail could be the spores of tetanus. In cases where people have not been vaccinated against tetanus, fourth of the total number of infections are fatal.

Infection with tetanus is dangerous because in the most serious cases, the toxins along with the blood in less than a week have time to enter the Central nervous system and damage nerve-muscle synapses. As a result, infected with human tetanus convulsions, changes in the structure of muscle and bone-joint tissues. Moreover, the impaired activity of the cardiovascular system. Because of muscle paralysis or lack of air, caused by a spasm of the upper airway may lead to death.

People infected with tetanus, had to be treated for three months in the hospital. They then for the past two years have seen a neurologist. All this time the patient may experience the effects of the disease such as spinal deformity, limited joint mobility, permanent muscle weakness.

Using the correct puncture the leg with a nail

The wound is thoroughly washed with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, then a place near the puncture treated with brilliant green or iodine. Further the leg sterile bandage. In the near future it is necessary to go on reception to the surgeon. In addition, if the victim has not been vaccinated against tetanus or after a vaccination has been more than 10 years, he needs an injection of tetanus toxoid. If paranensis vaccinated, then it will be enough to make a foot bath with addition of sea salt for a more rapid scab formation. In cases of suppuration, the doctor will prescribe anti-bacterial ointments and antibiotics.

Advice 2: What if you stepped on a rusty nail

Walking barefoot is one of the original methods of tempering: this treatment tones the body, strengthens and trains the muscles of the feet, protecting from flat feet, calluses and chafing. But unfortunately, walking barefoot is unsafe: for example, you can step on a rusty nail.
What if you stepped on a rusty nail

What to do when puncture foot on a rusty nail

Immediately after being injured on a rusty nail, you should disinfect the wound and to assess how deeply struck the subject in the leg. The nail is carefully removed and doing so from the wound emerged as many "dirty" blood, otherwise the infection will penetrate inside. After that, wash with a solution furatsilina (to do this, take a pill "Furatsilinom", grind it into powder and add in glass of hot water). The prepared solution is filtered through a folded in 2-3 layers of cheesecloth or cotton cloth and washed them the wound. For washing you can also use a hydrogen peroxide solution (diluted with water in ratio 1:10) and washed this antimicrobial "cocktail" the wound. The uniqueness of the solution of hydrogen peroxide in that it stops bleeding and at the same time removes dirt.
The wound can be washed with soap.

The area around the puncture treated with "Iodine" or "Brilliant green". "Iodine" is a strong antimicrobial agent, its application may be complicated by burn tissue, so before using this disinfectant, it is recommended to plant or cooled boiled distilled water (ratio 1:1). "Brilliant green" is also a strong antiseptic, but it works and it's softer than "Iodine".

Then applied to the wound, pierced by a rusty nail, antibiotic cream or ointment, for example, "Polysporin" or "Neosporin". These tools speed up the healing and prevent the development of infection. This result gives such a compress: take a cheesecloth, arrange it in multiple layers and impregnated with 50% vodka or alcohol. Bandaging the leg at least three times a day. At night it is recommended to do saline compresses (in a glass of cooled boiled water, take 1 tbsp of salt, impregnated with a solution of fabric cloth and apply a bandage to the wound). In the coming days you can not step on the injured leg and the more to wear shoes with heels.
Well pull all the "dirt" from the wound plantain and aloe.

The next few days should carefully monitor the condition of my leg, which was pierced with a rusty nail. If the puncture wound is not healing for a long time, blushed and there was a swelling of the skin around it, should immediately consult a doctor.

The danger of tetanus

If the victim is not vaccinated against tetanus or the last vaccination was done more than 5 years ago, the victim should be administered tetanus toxoid. If this is not done, tetanus toxin will impress the organs and systems of the body: 5-8 days toxins together with blood flow fall into the Central nervous system and affect the nerve synapses. As a result, the affected there is a change of the structure of muscle and bone, appear convulsions, disrupted the cardiovascular system, it may even be a spasm of the Airways. If time does not begin treatment, it may be fatal.

Advice 3: What to do if stepped on a rusty nail

Rusty exceedingly treacherous, and the injuries caused by their dangerous and can end badly – amputation or even death. However, the majority of Russian people still get vaccinated against tetanus, which helps to significantly reduce mortality from this disease. In any case, a wound from a rusty nail, you can not leave without attention.
What to do if stepped on a rusty nail

Call an ambulance

To the wound of a rusty nail can a person anywhere – in manufacturing, in construction, on the street and even at home. It is best just to go to the emergency room where they will clean the wound and make the necessary vaccinations. For urban residents this generally is not a problem, emergency station, or the station "ambulance" are next, so the whole operation will take no more than an hour. Besides, information about vaccinations, the doctor will get fast enough. Those who live in the village, quickly to receive medical care more complicated. But in this case, you should immediately contact the clinic or aid station. The nail that if he had bitten in the foot by yourself is better not to pull out.
If you stepped on a nail, and the blood did not go to the emergency room may not apply, as the causative agent of tetanus in the body is not penetrated. Be careful only to the puncture site did not have any inflammation.

If the doctor is not near

An accident can happen in the campaign or in the garden, where the infirmary yet. In this case the wound will have to handle on their own. Pull out the nail, wash the wound with hydrogen peroxide, apply a topical antibiotic cream (e.g., sintomitsinovoy, Levomycetinum, "Rescue"). After that, you still need to go to the doctor, and the sooner the better. The nail causes a puncture wound in the same conditions as domestic only possible surface treatment.
Children DTP or ADSM are made according to the vaccination calendar. This vaccination protects including tetanus.

What should a doctor?

Traumatologist or the surgeon definitely needs to know their job. Ideally, it will correctly treat your wound and will impose all the necessary preparations. However, any case it makes sense to monitor the process. Don't forget to say what action you have already taken. Very well, if you remember, when did you receive tetanus toxoid. It's not only treatment of wounds, how the introduction of drugs.

At puncture wounds with rusty objects injected toxoid. The dosage depends on the duration of vaccination. If you are vaccinated less than four years ago, the dose is 0.5 ml, in all other cases – 1 ml. In the second case, you will be injected with tetanus toxoid, most often anti-tetanus human immunoglobulin (PSCI). This is the best preparation, especially if you have a tendency to allergies. There are other drugs. Doctor, depending on the severity of the injury, may prescribe antibiotics. Usually, the victim is issued a sick-list for at least 3 days.
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