Night coming

You can insure your car only under the "Damage".

The easiest way in this situation, the owners of the insured cars. If takuumaksu scratched by unknown person or another vehicle, call the outfit traffic police. The traffic police will make the survey Protocol, which will indicate all visible damage and write the refusal to initiate an administrative offense. With these papers you need to go to the insurance company, to show the damaged car and wait for the insurance. If damage is minor, can the police not be called. And immediately call the insurance company to inform about the insured event and to set up an appointment.

To find and neutralize

And what about those owners of cars which are not insured? The algorithm of actions is somewhat different. If the scratches are very minor, ask for car inspection district in your area. He is obliged to come on such a challenge, to make the Protocol and even to initiate proceedings on administrative offense. Of course, the chances that they will seek the guilty, no. But you will have a document confirming the origin of the damage on the car. And it might come in handy in case of a major accident. If the car is scratched heavily or visible signs of impact with another car, call the police. They will make the act of an accident and will be obliged to initiate proceedings on administrative offense. Within the specified time you will have to report to the traffic police Department (the group analysis) and pick up the refusal. Although, of course, if you are lucky they will find the culprit!

Parking is under the gun

Unfortunately, no high-tech security systems able to protect the car from vandalism.

While the investigation is ongoing, don't just sit there, look for the culprit of your troubles. If the yard has CCTV cameras, please contact the management company. For this you need to come to the office and leave a written statement with a request to see the records from surveillance cameras. Take a closer look at the lower floors of your home. Now often the owners of the first and second floors accommodate private outdoor video surveillance. And camera looking at the Parking lot near the house. Talk to the owners of the cameras, most likely, will not refuse to watch videos. Take a stroll through the nearby yards. If your car scratched or hit another car, chances are that is a resident of nearby houses. Look for a machine with fresh scratches, dents, fingerprints of a foreign paint on the bumper - any signs of damage.