The announcement for the residents

Usually in this situation, the staff supports your home company needs to notify the occupants of the hanging advertisement in specially designated areas. In the ad they specify the estimated period during which no hot water, and the reasons for its disconnection. Makes sense to carefully review all ads from your porch. Often it happens a small piece of paper from out of sight. There's also a chance that the ad ripped off by someone before you had time to read. Talk to the neighbors, maybe they had time to read the ad or are more informed in this matter.

Contacting the management company

In that case, if home residents were not informed of the off the hot water, you need to contact the management company which serves your house. Phone numbers of your management company, provided that you do not know them, can be found in the service contract, which is concluded every year. You can also search the official website of the management company on the Internet and to contact them with this question. But call is better because faster wait any intelligible answer.

In most cases, all solved quite simply. Just call and specify the date of the water supply. However, it happens that you are not getting a direct answer to the question "When will give hot water?", although all accidents occurring on the water lines, a service company known, and current repair works it produces itself using its resources. In this situation it is necessary to persevere. If you is not difficult, you can even go to their office and not leave until they give you more accurate information about the reasons of disconnection of hot water and timing of its filing. Believe me, it works. If there is no opportunity to visit them personally, you can try to figure out everything on the phone.

In new buildings there is another reason of disconnection of hot water. This happens on request of apartment owners, producing repairs. In addition, new homes of up to five years from the date of their commissioning there are problems with the plumbing. But here, without the knowledge of the foreman, no one can get access to house valves. Besides, as a rule, only disables for a few hours. And again, all roads lead to the service company, which is always aware of when exactly, or at least should give hot water.