First of all, try to find the appropriate documentation the organization is in charge of the pipe or the pipe to which they connect. This can be water, gas supply etc., Taking from them a copy of the documentation, you will easily be able to find the pipe.
In that case, if you are looking for pipe hot water, use a thermal imager or a contactless thermometer. With their help, you can find a pipe with hot water to a depth of several meters.
Necessary for locating pipes equipment you can rent at a firm offering similar services, or invite them to a specialist. For quite a small fee, he quickly and competently perform their work.
One of the most simple and effective ways of finding any being in the land of pipes and electric cables is dowsing. This method is still not supported by official science, but successfully used by millions of people around the world. You will need two l-shaped frames, they can be bent from conventional welding electrodes or a suitable iron wire. Stick length is about 15 centimeters, the length of the longest side is approximately 35 centimeters.
Keep the frame right in front of him for the handle. The long part should be facing forward, parallel to each other. The distance between them is about 15, see don't squeeze strongly the palm of your hand, the framework should be able to rotate freely.
If you are new to the framework, required setting, you must teach the framework to respond correctly when finding the desired object. Mentally ask a question that has a simple answer, "Yes." For example, the question "I'm a man?" The frame should come together forming a cross, this will be a "Yes" answer. Ask a question with the answer "no", for example – "I'm a woman?" The framework should separate the sides. Frame unconsciously move you, this ideomotor act reflects your connection with the subconscious.
Once the frame started to give the correct answers, tune in to finding your pipe. You should know exactly what you're looking for – it metal pipe or plastic, with water or gas, etc. If you are looking for electrical cable, tune it. If you want to find out if in your area any General communication, and look for any pipes and cables – frame will give the exact answer.
Determine the direction in which you have to go to pass over the pipe, and begin to move slowly. In that moment, when your legs will be placed over the pipe frame together. Retreat a few steps back – frame will disperse. Again, go ahead, they will come together again on the tube. Select the location, then check the site in multiple locations, determining the exact location of the pipe.
With this method, it is possible to search not only pipes and electrical cables, but also any in the ground, under a layer of snow, etc. items. For example, you can find the pit cover under a thick layer of ice and snow. The method is very simple, effective and affordable to almost any person.