Compensation for your Spa stay

Treatment is not cheap, but if you have the necessary documents part of the costs that were spent on treatment, can be compensated. The tax code leaves the taxpayer the right to receive social tax deduction treatment which was provided to the medical facility. The list of medical services that are included in the tax deduction, is considered in the Decree of the Russian Government.

To obtain a deduction it is necessary to come to tax inspection with the following documents: statement of cash compensation, the tax Declaration on incomes over the past year, copies of the agreement to treatment and a copy of the license of the medical institution. Also you need to take help from accounting on the amounts of income at the place of work, a certificate of payment for services medical payments and personal documents. A copy of the license of sanatorium institutions can be obtained in the organization that sold the ticket. Reference certifying the payment of the services and treatment we provide all the health institutions who have the necessary permission to conduct their activities. To get them better while staying in a sanatorium. After appropriate verification, the tax authority will decide if it is positive, funds will be transferred to the taxpayer's account.

Payment for a travel ticket

If for some reasons that are spelled out in the law on tourist activity of the Russian Federation, tourists refuse from trips, they may need to pay the cost of the tour operator. Cannot be returned the amount that was spent by the tour operator organizing the travel, but all this should be checked and documented. Should be refunded the cost of tickets, even if the employee says the converse. If the reason for refusal of the permit is a threat to the safety of tourist in the country where it was planned to go, refunded the full price. If the operator is stalling the payment of compensation, it is important to remember that each day of delay provides for the accrual of liquidated damages in the amount of three percent of the total cost of the tour.

Payment for the voucher

In order to obtain compensation for a trip to the children's recreation camp, should contact the Department of education by place of residence. It is important to gather and submit the following documents: application for compensation, the documents on payment vouchers, the passport of the parent, birth certificate of the child or his adoption, his passport, if he was 14 years old. It is also necessary to provide a reverse pass vouchers, which confirms his stay in the camp. It must be the initials of the child in full, the cost of travel and stay. You need to submit either certified copies of these documents and their originals.