Plane, train, car how to get to Kaliningrad

The most convenient way to get to Kaliningrad is air transport. Travel time from Moscow to the city Khrabrovo airport is about two hours. A day is performed several flights with different airlines from three airports - Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo. The cost of the ticket is 3,700 rubles, not much above the price of second-class ticket from Moscow to Kaliningrad. Flights are carried out at a convenient time - morning, afternoon, and evening.

From Moscow to Kaliningrad goes one brand train "Yantar". He goes to 14-29 with the Belarusian station. Journey time is 20 hours and 58 minutes. The cost of second - class ticket-from 3000 rubles, coupe - from 4000 rubles. When moving by train should remember that it takes several borders, including Lithuania. With this country Russia has no agreements on visa-free entry. That is, even in order to cross a part of the territory of Lithuania in transit, you need to have a permit. This may be a Schengen visa or a special simplified travel document to travel by rail. It should be available at the box office of Russian Railways, after the purchase of a ticket on the train. A request for his extradition is sent by the Railways employees in the Lithuanian Consulate, and within a few days comes the answer. Permit, the passenger can get in the international box office. If a positive response from the Lithuanian Consulate is not received, the ticket will have to pass.

To drive from Russia to Kaliningrad need to have a passport and visas - Polish or Lithuanian. You can get them at the Embassy of these countries, providing a list of required documents. And still have to buy international insurance, the so-called "green card". Without it, when crossing the border with a foreign country, problems may arise.

In Kaliningrad on the sea - how to get

For those who loves journey on the water, there is another way to get to Kaliningrad by the Baltic sea. There is a ferry from Ust-Luga, 150 kilometers from St. Petersburg. Ferry is convenient for those who want to get to Kaliningrad by car without a Schengen visa. In the path of this waterway about forty hours. The cost of the passenger ticket, from 3600 rubles. A travel document by a passenger car - 15 from 700 rubles. Along the way the ferry goes in the German port city of Sassnitz. But to land there will only be those who have a passport with a Schengen visa.