Go to Sakhalin aircraft. This is the fastest and most convenient way to reach the island direct. From Moscow flights from Yuzhno-Sakhalinskom, the administrative center of the island, are companies "Aeroflot" and "Russia" from Moscow and Transaero from Domodedovo. Choose from five flights a day. Travel time from 8 hours 15 minutes to 9 hours. From St. Petersburg Transaero flights, check the schedule, because the planes fly very rarely. The ticket price of 11 000 roubles one way. Track the action undertaken by airlines, often in the long direction of discounts when you purchase tickets to both ends. There are also special prices if you buy tickets 2-3 months before departure.
Buy a train ticket to Khabarovsk. From Moscow you can go from the Yaroslavl station with two trains: Moscow - Khabarovsk and Moscow - Vladivostok. Travel time from 131 hours, the cost of second-class ticket from 4 800 rubles. In Khabarovsk take the train to Busan station (the train Khabarovsk - Sovetskaya Gavan). Travel time will be around 1 day, the ticket price from 754 rubles for the second-class place. In port Vanino buy a passenger ticket for the ferry "Sakhalin". The sea route will take 14 hours and the ticket price is 1 500 rubles. To the South-Sakhalinska from Kholmsk can be reached by bus or taxi. Journey time is 1 hour, the ticket costs 150 rubles. Prices valid for October 2011.
Try to reach the port of Vanino road. The route from Moscow will be the following: Kazan – Ufa – Kurgan – Omsk – Kemerovo – Krasnoyarsk – Irkutsk – Chita – Blagoveshchensk – Khabarovsk. Khabarovsk is the road to Vanino via Lidoga, this portion of the route is 509 km and the Total time spent on the road is difficult to calculate. In Vanino take the ferry, buy a ticket for yourself and your vehicle.