The feeling of viscosity may sometimes be a symptom of intoxication. It's possible after a great holiday and a substantial dose of the drunk alcohol. Thirst and dryness appear after the use of absolutely all drugs. Sometimes the cause is the presence of breathing problems. Periodically, in the morning, this feeling occurs because the entire mucosa is dry during the night because of snoring. The viscosity can suffer people with impaired mouth breathing (often this happens when cold), or low tone in the soft palate.

The problem of constant viscosity

Sometimes the causes of viscosity can hide in all sorts of bad habits, especially Smoking or chewing tobacco. All because the oral cavity frequent contact smoke; therefore, nicotine may produce insufficient saliva.

Such can often appear for those who prefer to eat salty food. Sometimes drinking large amounts of fluid after such savory dishes leads to increased pressure. On the day it is recommended to use a maximum of 7 grams of salt.

Viscosity occurs due to various diseases. Dryness is a sign of the beginning:

- anemia;
- hypertension;
- diarrhoea and many other diseases.

Sometimes the reason is hidden in the inflammation of the salivary glands.

Sometimes it's all about age. People of Mature age can suffer because of reduced amounts of saliva, which is produced by glands. That is why the viscosity is a constant companion of pensioners. Moreover, the brain may age differently to respond to the different needs of people in the water.

Temporary viscosity

Wondering what knits mouth periodically, it is necessary to consider that often the cause is physical overload. Sometimes it's a long stay in a very hot or very dry climate. The reason for all – the usual loss of moisture, which can be quickly filled.

Dryness occurs as a result of the use of different drugs, including:

- tranquilizers;
- antidepressants;
- weight loss products;
- painkillers;
- a laxative.

If the viscosity in the mouth appeared after the use of a specific medication, carefully read its user manual. It may be that this is a simple side effects. When the viscosity is accompanied by dizziness, nausea or weakness, then the reason for this health is the General condition of the body.

In the presence of temperature and other unpleasant sensations, you must cure the disease that has led to such symptoms. It may be like the common cold and severe manifestation of influenza, or any infectious disease.