Dry mouth contributes to a communicable disease, such as thrush, periodontitis, gingivitis. Also, the dryness can be a symptom of xerostomia syndrome ("dry mouth").

At the initial stage of xerostomia patients complain that itchy oral mucosa. If the dryness is not controlled, the symptoms worsen: the mucosa atrophies, blushes, there are cracks, the tongue becomes red and hard.

The dryness begins to be felt, and throat becomes hard to swallow, sounds Siplast. The sick person is constantly thirsty, it burns my tongue, my lips get chapped, there are difficulties when speaking or when eating, the oral cavity begins to stink in the nose becomes dry, do not feel the taste of food.

Causes of dry mouth

Xerostomia occurs for several reasons:

- if the person had surgery to remove the salivary glands;
- as a result of bad habits (nicotine and alcohol addiction);
- when the person breathes from the mouth, not the nose;
- injuries of the head or neck may be broken well-coordinated work of the nervous system in these parts of the body;
- when dehydration (if the patient is vomiting, burns, sweating, blood loss, diarrhea, high temperature);
- in therapeutic methods: if the patient has cancer and is undergoing radiation of the head or taking chemotherapy;
- presence of serious diseases: stroke, diabetes, anemia, AIDS, high blood pressure, Parkinson's disease, etc.
- after taking medicines.

If we talk about drugs, it manifests the reasons of dryness is not easy to establish, especially if the patient took several drugs. Cause dry can antidepressants, antivirals, painkillers, medicines against obesity and acne, diarrhea and other.

Treatment of dry mouth

If the mouth there was a feeling of bonding and adhesiveness, we can't wait, you must see a doctor. At the same time to increase the amount of fluids. The doctor after ascertaining the reasons will prescribe medication. Most often it is the drugs that restore the work to the mucosa and copious saliva.

If dryness appeared after medication, the treatment should start with banning drugs. You must try to find a similar product with similar properties.

To relieve symptoms, otolaryngologists suggest to install in rooms humidifiers, use of mouthwashes and fluorine-containing means, to treat dry mucous membranes of the mouth herbal teas. To do these procedures better, 3 times a day after meals. You should also constantly breathe through the nose, not the mouth. To improve salivation can also be dissolve in his mouth a Lollipop without sugar or chew gum and also sugar-free.