The sensation of the taste of iodine is able to indicate the disease, referred to as iodism or poisoning with this substance. This problem is typical for people who are constantly receiving a tablet containing higher dose of this chemical element. Signs of poisoning with this substance may be the smell from the oral cavity or staining it, also the throat pain or burning, nausea, excessive thirst, signs of dizziness, feeling of weakness, bouts of diarrhea, sometimes cramps.

The main causes of the taste of iodine

The presence of the taste of iodine can indicate the emergence of diseases of the thyroid. Also, this condition appears because of hyperthyroidism. At his manifestation, in addition to the unpleasant taste, increases pressure and irritation, swollen feet, increasing the weight of the body. To such people it is advisable to contact the endocrinologist.

An unpleasant aftertaste is typical for failures in the liver. If the person often feels such an unpleasant phenomenon, then it is likely to be a violation of the normal activities of the gallbladder. This important body is responsible for the output of bile and when, for various reasons, the program fails, then the result may be stagnation of bile, leading to the decay of the digested products and the emergence of unpleasant bitter taste.

In addition, experts indicate that the taste of iodine can be caused by dental problems, as well as the result of prolonged use of certain hormonal medications and certain medical drugs. It should be understood that whatever the manifestation of this problem, you should definitely see a specialist and to establish the exact cause of this unpleasant aftertaste.

Serious consequences of "serious" symptoms

The taste of iodine is a consequence of serious diseases, that is why it is important not to postpone your visit to a specialist. Sometimes, it would seem, at first glance, a harmless symptom could lead to the fact that you have to do surgical intervention in case of malfunctions of the liver or some other organ.

Pathology of diseases which are palpable, such an unpleasant taste of iodine can lead to damage to vision and retardation of consciousness, peculiar hoarseness or impaired immunity. In absentia nobody will be able to make an accurate diagnosis – you need a thorough examination, completion of numerous tests to determine the cause of the emergence of a "light" symptom.